Woman shows hack to cut broccoli without mess

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Cooking up a delicious meal yourself is great – until the plates are empty and you’re left with the clean up.

So we welcome anything that makes that easier.

Australian home cook Mon Mack shared how she slices up broccoli without getting tiny bits everywhere.

‘Does anyone else find it super annoying when you are cutting broccoli and it gets little fragments everywhere,’ Mon said.

When the vegetable becomes more and more dehydrated, cutting through it can cause the issue. Not only does it create a mess but it means some is going to waste.

Her solution is to dip it in boiling water for a few seconds first.

‘That should hold it all together nicely and make less mess for you,’ she added.

In the video, Mon demonstrates the method, showing the results before and after the blanching.

Although she said she thought it was ‘niche’, it turns out lots of other people found it really useful.

The clip has been viewed over 176,000 times and many agreed it would help.

One wrote: ‘Thank you!! I eat it almost every day and always make a mess.’

Another said: ‘Oh man why did you not tell me this half an hour ago.’

‘I’m so excited to cut my broccoli tonight,’ someone else added.

A few suggested just using a different cutting method though.

‘Just hold it upside down and cut each head off at the stem,’ a commenter said.

‘I just snap them off, it annoys me too much trying to cut them,’ said another.

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