Your Summer Needs These Boozy Frozen Treats

When it’s hot, there’s nothing better than a frozen treat to cool you down. Well, almost nothing better. Because, let’s be real, the only thing that can improve upon a frozen treat on a scorching day is cold brew of the alcoholic beverage variety. Heretofore, you just can’t beat a boozy frosty dessert during the dog days of summer.

Of course, it goes without saying that — even though little ones love popsicles, slushies and the like — these frozen treats are decidedly adult. If you’re feeling benevolent, you could always keep a box of standard ice cream bars stashed in the freezer for little hands. But these delightfully cool (figuratively and literally) treats are just for you! In fact, no one here is going to judge you if you buy a mini-freezer solely intended for stashing away your personal supply of grown-up sustenance.

From coke pops with rum to a milkshake made with craft beer, these ice-cold boozy beauties are destined to become that indulgence you reach for all summer long.

Blueberry & Moscato Boozy Popsicles

What’s better than Moscato wine? Moscato wine mixed with blueberries and frozen to icy perfection, that’s what’. DIY Candy has the right idea with these purplish pops. 

Boozy Pineapple Paletas

Sweet & Savory’s frozen blend of pineapple and tequila will make you feel like you’re soaking up a cool breeze while sipping a slushy treat at a tropical resort somewhere. 

Frozen Peach Bellini Push Pops

There’s something truly satisfying about a push pop. Maybe it’s because it reminds us of childhood! This frozen peach bellini version from Grab a Plate is the (brilliant) grown-up version. 

Easy Pina Colada Popsicles

You don’t have to like getting caught in the rain or making love at midnight. But if you love pina coladas, you’ll adore A Night Owl’s boozy tropical pops. (Rupert Holmes would undoubtedly approve.) 

Strawberry Key Lime Margarita Greek Yogurt Ice Pops

Want to be a superstar at the next backyard BBQ this summer? Whip up and bring a batch of Beer Girl Cook’s strawberry key lime margarita pops. They’re made with Greek yogurt and fruit, so we’re filing them under “healthy snack.” 

Rum & Coke Boozy Popsicles

When it comes to classic combinations, rum and Coke is definitely near the top of the list. So, how lucky are we that Simplistically Living came up with a super-easy boozy popsicle recipe with the two libations as star ingredients? 

Easy Mimosa Popsicles

We all love mimosas on Sunday mornings, right? Well, Duke & Duchesses has taken that dreamy brunch bev and turned it into something even lovelier. These easy mimosa pops will keep you refreshed during your pre-Monday get-togethers all summer long. 

Fruity Edible Flower Rosé Popsicles

Away From the Box may just have created the most Instagram-ready popsicles ever made. And they aren’t just pretty, either — in addition to edible flowers, they’re filled with rosé. I mean, c’mon. Can we start eat-drinking yet? 

Boozy Mangoloupe Sake Pops

Yep, these “mangoloupe” pops by Zoku are as tasty as they are undeniably cool-looking. Thanks to mango, cantaloupe, lime and Sake, they’ve pack a flavorful punch. 

Single Malt Cereal Milkshake

You’ll never look at breakfast the same once you try Fern + Shaker’s cereal milkshake! When Lucky Charms meets a single malt French whisky, magic is made. 

Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles

With only four ingredients, Floating Kitchen’s raspberry Prosecco pops couldn’t be a quicker summer treat if they tried. Plus, they’re just pretty. 

Basil Peach Margarita Popsicles

Don’t you love when something unexpected comes together to surprise you in the best way? Lemons for Lulu cleverly uses basil to add a crisp, fresh taste to these margarita-style frozen peach pops. 

Bloody Mary Popsicles

The peaches and the strawberries of the world can’t have all the fun! Fork and Beans gives tomato and horseradish a fair shake with delightfully zesty Bloody Mary popsicles. 

Cuba Libre Popsicles

In Havana, a popular drink is the “Cuba Libre,” which is like a rum and Coke with lime added in. Luckily, even if you can’t jet off for a last-minute vacay, you can still have this tasty libation. Orgasmik Cooking created a frozen version you can make in your own kitchen any time of the year. 

Fireball Whiskey Cinnamon Roll Boozy Ice Pops

Feast your ears on this: Crayons & Cravings’s sweet and spicy ice pop tastes like Fireball whisky… and cinnamon rolls. Do we even need to go on?

Fun in Jalisco Frozen Cocktail

Add Stir & Strain’s stunning Fun in Jalisco cocktail to your arsenal of summer recipes, then break it out anytime you want to impress your friends. Or, you know, just make it for yourself and marvel solo. 

Cherry Jack and Coke Slushies

Some people prefer rum and Coke; others prefer bourbon and Coke. But everyone can appreciate The Little Epicurean’s cherry Jack-and-Coke slushies. 

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