10 unique vases to gift all the homeware fans on your list this Christmas

From quirky cubes to terracotta ceramic shells, these are the ultimate vases to gift to the homeware lover in your life this Christmas. 

What do you buy the stylish person who has everything? They’ve done the tablescaping, they know their interiors trends inside out and they practically invented cottagecore… so how do you find an equally chic and surprising gift at Christmas? Well, any interiors addict worth their Matilda Goad lampshade will tell you that the single easiest way to upgrade any space is with a gorgeous vase.

And this year the vase truly found its moment – from the Anissa Kermiche Love Handles design which was everywhere in 2020 to the leopard head trend that won our maximalist hearts. As we all turned our attentions to creating beautifully curated spaces, a vase is an easy win.  

 Whether they place theirs on their bathroom shelf, their mantlepiece or the centre of their dining table, a vase will add instant interest to their Insta interiors.

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Bringing the outdoors in and embracing nature at Christmas is another huge trend, with evergreens, bunches of holly and seasonal flowers adding texture and uplift. Placing them in a gifted vase is not only delightful, but practical to boot. So read on to discover some of the most coveted Christmas vase gifts for 2021.

  • Sugahara cubo vase

    Best vases for Christmas: Sugahara cubo vase

    With unique smoky hues and an on-trend geometric design, give your flowers the cubic treatment with this Japanese craft glass vase.

    Shop Sugahara cubo vase from Pantechnicon, £68

    Buy now

  • Urban Nature Culture recycled vase

    Best vases for Christmas: Urban Nature Culture recycled vase

    Who said pink was just for spring? Adding this dashing Quartz Pink vase to your room will lift spirits at any time of the year.

    Buy Urban Nature Culture recycled vase from About Living, £17

    Buy now

  • 101 Copenhagen sphere vase

    Best vases for Christmas: 01 Copenhagen sphere vase

    Inspired by the earth and celebrating it’s unique silhouettes and textures, these tactile vases are perfect for neutral-toned interiors or to ground a maximalist colour palette.

    Shop 101 Copenhagen sphere vase from Pantechnicon, £34

    Buy now

  • HKliving Ceramic Shell Vase

    Best vases for Christmas: Stems Wilder Ceramic Shell

    Shells – whether in vase or candle form – have been popping up everywhere for a while now, and this one by HKliving is a pure delight. 

    Shop HKliving ceramic shell vase at Stems Wilder, £25


  • Sugahara composition vase

    Best vases for Christmas: Sugahara composition vase

    Sugahara has already made this list once for their trendy takes, but we couldn’t not include this truly spectacular composition vase. It’s coloured cylinders can hold everything fromsingle stem flowers to dressings, spices, juices or shots. Just use your imagination!

    Shop Sugahara composition vase from Pantechnicon, £135

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  • OYOY Living Design Toppu Vase

    Best vases for Christmas: OYOY Living Design Toppu Vase

    The caramel and rose colour scheme (it also comes in black and white) is exactly what we’re after right now. It was in high demand and previously sold out, but the good news is a restock is coming very soon.

    Shop Toppu vase at OYOY Living Design, £71


  • Anissa Kermiche Love Handles Vase

    Best vases for Christmas Anissa Kermiche Love Handles

    The vase that launched its own interiors trend, Anissa Kermiche’s Love Handles vase is a modern classic worth giving and comes in both black and muted marble.

    Shop Anissa Kermiche Love Handles, £340


  • Moxon London Reversible Glass Vase

    Best vases for Christmas: Moxon London Reversible Glass Vase

    Use these gorgeous glass cylinder vases one way for a full arrangement or turn around to create a single stem bud vase. Ingenious!

    Shop reversible glass vase at Moxon London, £38


  • Harriet Caslin Large Water Jug

    Best vases for Christmas: Harriet Caslin Large Water Jug

    Harriet Caslin’s beautiful porcelain jug is handmade, fits into cottagecore with aplomb and will last someone forever. 

    Shop large water jug at Harriet Caslin, £69


  • Libby Ballard Bottle Vase

    Best vases for Christmas: Libby Ballard Bottle Vase

    Inspired by the British coast, each of Libby Ballard’s creations is handmade making them utterly unique. 

    Shop bottle vase at Libby Ballard, £60

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