4 easy-to-follow interior design trends expected to be big in 2022

With 2022 only days away, we’ve found four of the interior trends expected to be big in the new year.

With the new year merely days away, many of us are beginning to look ahead at how we’re going to emerge in 2022 in terms of our wellbeing, style, fitness and, especially, our homes – and for those looking to update their space, there are some key trends that you’ll want to embrace for the ultimate home refresh.

Rachel Epstein, design specialist and creative director of Carme Home, has shared her top interior design trends for 2022 that will bring a fresh, new look to your home and renew your aesthetic.

Smart furniture

Interior trends 2022: Gianna silver hollywood mirror with wireless charger

Integrating user-friendly smart technology into the home is undoubtedly a trend prevalent in both the consumer technology and interior design industries, and is expected to continue dominating in 2022. “Our lives are always blending with new technology, especially in the home – just look at Alexa and Echo,” says Epstein.

“But technology can still be simple, providing huge convenience at home, such as dressing tables with charging ports or mirrors with LED lights. There are so many ways we can upgrade our homes with small touches that don’t break the bank.”

If you’re looking to get your homeware gadgets up to speed, try this Gianna silver Hollywood mirror with wireless charger.

Black is the new black

Interior trends 2022: Dunelm Hanna mini black chest

While it’s safe to say black is never out of style, when it comes to homeware people tend to lean towards lighter and natural colours – but according to Epstein, the stark colour is making its return to home decor.

“In interior design, black can be quite an intimidating colour and so people typically go for more neutrals throughout the home, especially with walls or large furniture,” she says.

“If you’re looking to keep your home on-trend, we would recommend black accent furniture first to test the waters, like a new dressing table. Black is clean, classic and not to be overlooked.”

Try this Hanna mini black chest from Dunelm for a bold yet minimalistic addition to your bedroom.

Multifunctional space

Interior trends 2022: Loaf Hidey-Ho side table

With more of us working remotely, homes have changed to suit the needs for the whole house. But, if you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire four walls with square footage to the cause, Epstein has the perfect solution. “Invest in furniture that serves more than one purpose,” she says. 

“Whether it’s a dressing table that converts into a desk or a mirror that hides a jewellery cabinet there are plenty of brilliant furniture pieces that act as storage solutions.” 

This Loaf Hidey-Ho side table will look great and compact in any living space.

Rounded furniture

Interior trends 2022: Rockett St George Ombre fringe foot stool

Rounded furniture is set to be the biggest go-to item for the home. “Whether it’s a pebble sofa, a doughnut vase or circular padded stool – curves are in.


Interior trends 2022: Perch and Parrow velvet swivel chair

Due to the 70s retro revival we are seeing all over interior design, velvet is one of the most prominent comebacks.  “When looking to add a touch of velvet elegance to your home, consider what other fabrics that item will be paired with,” says Epstein, advising people to start experimenting with velvet accent chairs, headboards, cushions or stools, like this Perch and Parrow velvet swivel chair.

Images: Carme Home; Dunelm; Rockett St George; Perch and Parrow; Loaf

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