Adam Frost shares ‘simple’ container method for planting spring bulbs

Adam Frost shares how to prep borders for later in the year

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This week on Gardeners’ World, viewers were joined by Adam Frost and Frances Tophill. Adam shared which jobs he’s tackling in his own garden and which tasks gardeners can be getting on in their own outdoor space this weekend.

Meanwhile, Frances headed to the beach to share which coastal plants have evolved to cope with extreme conditions.

She also met a gardener in East Sussex who is experimenting with drought-tolerant plants in the UK’s changing climate.

One important task most gardeners will be tackling at this time of year is planting spring-flowering bulbs.

Spring flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils need to be planted in September and October when the soil temperature has cooled down.

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The bulbs will then flower throughout spring with snowdrops and crocuses often appearing first.

“I want to add some bulbs to my garden. That’s a definite,” Adam said.

“I’ve ordered quite a few. I’ve got some alliums, species tulips. But I haven’t got a clue where I’m going to put them.

“So what I’m going to do is containerise them, put them in little pots and then plant them next year in the green.”

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Adam said this also works for those who have got bulbs in their garden but are not sure where they are and want to add more.

He continued: “If you do this, next year, when your bulbs are coming out the ground, you can then slip these in around them and you’re not going to start digging up the bulbs that were already there.

“Actually you could do this with any spring bulb. The allium I’ve got here is called Purple Rain.

“It has got a fantastic head on it that grows to about 15cm but has rich, deep colour.

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“What I’ve got is a pot that’s about 15cm deep and I’m putting about 20mm to 30mm of peat-free multipurpose compost in the bottom.

“So when I’m popping them in, what I’m doing is looking for that little rooted bit on the bottom, making sure that goes down and then just filling it up.

“It really is that simple. Once I’ve potted all these up, I will give them a soaking, tuck them away somewhere making sure they’re in a little sheltered spot.

“They will grow on and then they will go in the garden next year. I know what I will be doing at the weekend!”

Adam also shared which jobs gardeners can be doing in their gardens this weekend.

He said gardeners can sow plant onion sets which will be ready in June, mulch tender plants and direct sow poppies.

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