Best place to buy your Christmas tree for ‘freshest possible’ spruce according to expert

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Anna Eklöv is the founder of an online florist called LÖV Flowers. LÖV provides services from letterbox flowers and bespoke hand tied bouquets to wedding and event flowers, inspired by chic Scandinavian design.

Anna is an expert is all things plants and flowers. She spoke about the best place to buy your Christmas tree this year.

For many, the smell and magic of a real tree make them a must-have each year.

But where is the best place to buy a real Christmas tree?

The plant expert recommends thinking about where you get your tree.

Garden centres or even local pop-up sales are not the best places to buy trees.

She said: “The first thing to think about is where you buy your tree.

“Christmas trees that are sold at garden centres or your local town square are unfortunately sometimes already too old.

“Best place to get your tree is from a Christmas tree farm where you can cut down your own and where you know it’s freshest possible.”

To enjoy the freshest possible tree, why not rent a live one instead of chopping one down?

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London Christmas Tree Rental delivers live trees for you to rent. It is far more sustainable than chopping down live trees which end up in landfills.

You can order a tree online, name it and then pick it up.

It is possible to rent the same tree year and year, making your tree part of the family.

If you don’t want to rent a live tree, there are a number of Christmas tree farms in the UK.

In the South East there are farms include Pines and Needles, Pinewood Christmas Trees, Salisbury Christmas Trees and Wylds Farm.

In the South West Britons could try Mendip Christmas Tree Farm, Langford Lakes and John Cochram Christmas Trees, among others.

Those in the Midlands have the likes of Bawtry Forest Christmas Trees, Leaton Forest and Bishops Offley Christmas Trees.

Northumbria Christmas Trees, York Christmas Trees and Ripponden Christmas Tree Farm are among the farms in the North.

How to choose the best live Christmas tree

Know what you want

Before you go, measure the space you will put your tree in. Picking a tree that is too large will be a logistical nightmare.

Picking a tree that is too small will leave you with an underwhelming Christmas display.

Check the trunk

If your tree is fresh it will feel a little moist or sticky.

Test the needles

Run your hands down the branches.

On an old tree that is drying out, the needles will easily come away from the branch.

Tap the tree

If the tree is fresh, only a few needles should fall away.

If lots of needles fall away, the tree may not last till Christmas.

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