B&Q is selling a £6 plant that prevents mould growing in any indoor space

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B&Q is known for its wide ranging plant section that’s often available at bargain prices. Currently, shoppers can buy a plant that will prevent mould from growing indoors.

Only £6

B&Q is selling the Peace Lily plant for £6 and it’s ideal for preventing mould growing indoors. Buy it now.

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Mould can become a big household problem if it’s not treated first and bathrooms tend to become the most prone to mould.

It’s especially rife if there are no windows in the bathroom as moisture and steam are more easily encased.

According to Checkatrade, it can cost up to £900 to remove mould from the entire home.

However, you can prevent the growth of mould by buying a £6 plant from B&Q.

The Peace Lily plant is a purifying plant that can be easily placed in moderate light, away from direct sunlight.

A popular home and office choice, it’s ideal for rooms that don’t have windows and is easy to care for.

The Peace Lily plant is available for £6 on B&Q.

Plus, shoppers can also buy a bigger version in a 17cm pot for £14.

There’s also a Peace Lily plant in a 21cm pot for £22.

There’s plenty of other plants available at B&Q that also prevent mould.

Boston Fern is great at helping remove mould from humid areas and is perfect for bathrooms.

It’s available here for £6 on B&Q.

There are plenty of other plants available at B&Q that also prevent mould.

Shop plants on B&Q.

Plus, some other easy tips to remove mould at home include opening the window after a shower.

And also be sure to wipe down the shower after it’s been used to remove excess condensation.

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