Chip and Joanna Gaines Show Off Finished Addition to Their Waco Farmhouse: 'We Finally Made It'

The Gaines family has a new "favorite room" in their Waco, Texas, farmhouse!

"The renovation is done. We finally made it," Joanna says in the sneak peek above of Friday's new episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, streaming on Discovery+.

Joanna, 42, offers a glimpse of her newly dark green kitchen cabinets before showing off the new living room, which features a brick fireplace and vaulted ceilings, in a self-shot home video. Panning around she shows Chip, 46, lounging on one of a pair of sofas and three of their kids working on a puzzle in the corner. (The couple share sons Drake, 16, Duke, 12, and Crew, 2, and daughters Ella, 14, and Emmie, 10.)

"Here's the new old bookcase that we built in," she continues showing a massive antique storage piece. "The laundry room is now over there. We've got our fire going. I would say this is our new favorite room in the house with the fire. Everyone loves to be in here."

"This is our happy place," adds Chip.

Crew seems less thrilled than the rest of the family with the addition. When Joanna asks him "Do you like the new room, Crew?" the toddler gives a fussy reply that could be a "no" . . . or maybe just a request for "Mom."

The Gaineses first revealed they'd be making a significant addition to their famous farmhouse in the premiere of their new series Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, the first four episodes of which have been dropping each Friday on the Discovery+ streaming service as a special preview of the couples' forthcoming Magnolia Network.

"When we first started Fixer our house was completely under construction, all of this was a field," Joanna explained in the premiere, standing in the front yard of the 40-acre property that now holds a chicken coop, flower garden and an ever-growing number of farm animals and pets.

"Just a little white farmhouse that needed a little TLC," Chip reminisced before adding that now, "We're adding on a little space because we've added an addition to the family. We used to have four kids. Now we've got a toddler on our hip."

As with any major renovation — particularly one on the house of a family of 7 — things got a little chaotic. Joanna gave an update on the reno in another episode, jokingly describing the scene of plastic-draped cabinets and construction materials as "an actual nightmare situation."

"A couple months back, Jojo wanted to 'add on' to the farmhouse — and of course I, like an idiot, agreed, but now look what she's gotten us into," Chip jokes in a home video before turning the camera on his wife.

Joanna admits that she "decided a little late in the game I wanted to go ahead and repaint our cabinets," showing off the new forest-green shade that replaced the previous white color in her fan-favorite kitchen.

"I just wanted the space to really evolve with the new addition and I just thought it was time for a change," she explains, going on to tell viewers that they opened a wall and her family "basically live(s) upstairs now" as the renovation continues. Chip helpfully pans around what was their living room, but had become more of a storage area for all the items the work has displaced.

The finished product, it seems, has made all the trouble worthwhile for the experienced renovators.

"I'd say it was worth it. We love it," Joanna says.

The final preview episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will be available to stream Friday on Discovery+.

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