Christmas trees: ‘Inspect its branches’ to avoid pests – make your tree last to New Years

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Christmas trees can survive for weeks if they are cared for properly. With it being Christmas Day, many may be looking for tips and tricks on how to make their trees survive longer.

Deemer Cass, Christmas tree delivery and installation expert at Fantastic Services explained how to keep the pests away from your festive tree.

The expert said: “Most Christmas tree insects are content living inside the tree, but not off of it.

“Your home’s environment is not suitable for them to venture out, so they will die before ever leaving the tree.

“The majority of Christmas farms take precautions to ensure that their trees are relatively pest-free.

“Some farms carry out pesticide spraying measures, then shake the trees and spray them down to get rid of any possible bugs that might be on them.”

Despite this, there are common Christmas tree pests that can live on the outside of the tree.

The types of bugs living in a festive tree will differ depending on the type of tree and location.

The expert added: “You can inspect its branches for bugs or eggs.”

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Deemer explained that you can give it a “good shake” to remove any bugs if there were any on the tree.

As well as removing pests, getting a tree to last as long as it can also comes down to watering it.

It needs to be kept hydrated and away from heat sources.

Deemer said: “You should always be careful with heat sources, such as fireplaces, electric heaters, radiators and air conditioners.”

With the temperatures dropping outside and the heating coming on, Britons need to check that their Christmas tree is not near any heat sources.

The expert added: “Christmas trees are highly flammable, especially the real ones due to the sap they contain and can ignite the room in seconds.

“Select a spot where the tree will prevent light from entering your room.

“Natural sunlight warms your home on cold days and should not be blocked.

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“Never place your Christmas tree on traffic ways, such as pathways where it could be run over.

“After all, no one wants their tree to be knocked down by passers. Also, if you have a real tree, avoid placing it under the ventilation grid as it will dry out immediately.”

With some Britons already owning their trees for more than two weeks, keeping it hydrated is one way in making it last longer over the New Year period.

The expert said: “Water! Your tree will drink one litre of water per three centimetres of the stem diameter. 

“That means a fresh cut tree can consume four to five litres in 24 hours.

“Watering is critical, especially for Norway Spruce trees. Check the water levels daily and never let it go below the tree’s base.

“Without water to the tree’s base, it will dry out in just seven to eight days. The temperature of the water is not that important and no, you can’t overwater your tree, it will absorb only as much as it wants.

“Keep the room as cool as possible and place your tree in the darkest spot of the room.”

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