Dean surprises Ziggy with a touching gesture in Home and Away

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has been partying most nights of the week following her devastating breakup with Brody (Jackson Heywood), who is planning his future with new partner Simone (Emily Eskell). However, her antics have now caught up with her, after Dean (Patrick O’Connor) had to step in when an out-of-towner got too fresh with her – and he was rewarded by getting beaten up and left for dead in a ditch.

When Ziggy discovers the news about Dean, she’s left reeling, realising that her actions are what led to her friends’ injuries. Retreating outside to be alone, she reflects on her actions, but Dean limps out to join her. He senses Ziggy is blaming herself for what happened, and she replies that he should be blaming her – this is all her fault! Dissolving into tears, she cries in his arm.

After calming down, an embarrassed Ziggy questions why she’s the one crying when Dean is the one who got badly beaten up. But it isn’t long before Dean manages to distract Ziggy and get her smiling again. Determined to start a new chapter of her life, Ziggy starts looking for a distraction – so that everywhere she goes, she isn’t reminded of Brody.

The next day, Ziggy wakes up and makes Ben (Rohan Nichol) breakfast. Surprised, Ben asks what’s behind her change of behaviour, and Ziggy explains that she’s looking for a distraction. Ben smiles as a horn beeps from outside – she won’t be waiting for long. Rushing outside to see what the commotion is all about, Ziggy is stunned – Dean has bought her a car?!…

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