Gardening: Top five things to plant in spring – ‘bring perfume and colour to your garden’

Gardening: How to plant a bare root rose

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Speaking exclusively to, Morris Hankinson, Managing Director of Hopes Grove Nurseries shared his top five things to plant in spring. From bare root trees to hedging, wisteria to lavender, there’s plenty for gardeners to choose from.

Morris’ top five things to plant in spring:

Bare root trees and hedging plants

The gardening expert said these are the “cheapest and most environmentally-friendly” ways to buy trees and shrubs.

He continued: “Bare root plants are grown in the soil as nature intended – with no plastic pots or compost, but hurry because the season for them ends when they begin to sprout new leaves.

“Whether it’s a fruit tree, flowering tree or a new hedge, now is the perfect time.”


Wisteria is known for its delicate, lilac flowers that can often be seen adorning walls, the exterior of homes and pergolas.

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This plant is strong so needs a robust place to climb like a wall or stable pergola – not a delicate trellis.

Morris suggested investing in a “good-sized plant” from a reputable supplier.

He also suggested buying it with the flowers on “so you know for sure what you are getting”.

Cheaper seedlings can sometimes have disappointing flowers.

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Japanese Maples (Acer)

The Japanese maple is known for its bright leaves which turn shades of orange and red before they fall.

The Acer can be planted from October through to April, flowering from March to May.

When planting, Morris suggested choosing a “sheltered spot”.

The reason for this is because they have soft leaves which are “vulnerable to strong burning winds”.

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They can be planted in the garden or a container filled with “ericaceous compost”.


Lavender comes in many forms either as a single plant or a complete hedge.

They’re a Mediterranean plant which enjoy a “warm, sunny spot” in well-drained soil.

Their Mediterranean roots also mean they like being planted in the spring when the days are longer and warmer so gardeners can get the “best from them”.

Morris added: “These endearing little shrubs will bring perfume and colour to your garden during the summer.

“Their elegant flower spikes are always a magnet for bees and butterflies too.”

Ground cover plants

Morris said “few gardeners enjoy weeding” so planting “low growing”, “carpeting perennial plants” in gaps in borders will “smother weeds” before they have a chance to start growing.

He added: “They will provide interesting foliage and flowers through the seasons and make your flower beds as labour-saving as possible.”

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