Home and Away spoilers: Ben is arrested for international drug trafficking

Ben (Rohan Nichol) has been tied up with a large board order for a while, and after struggling to meet the demand by himself, he has eventually outsourced to a third party company to get all of the boards made in time. With everything going to plan, Ben and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) happily make plans for an Italian getaway to celebrate their expected windfall once the sale is through.

Despite their planning, Ben can’t quite relax until he’s had the board shipment sent off. He gets increasingly stressed when he hasn’t heard from the factory about the shipment, but Maggie is on hand to reassure him that everything will be fine.

The next day, Ben goes to the factory to check over the shipment, and Maggie is anxious after not hearing from him for several hours. She confides in Roo (Georgie Parker) in the Diner, and says she’s worried that the order may have fallen through.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is similarly worried, and tries calling him repeatedly. But she’s surprised when Ben suddenly shows up again in the Surf Club, and demands to know what’s been going on. A bemused Ben said his phone ran out of battery, and everything’s gone according to the plan with the shipment. He’s signed it off and watched the truck drive off himself.

The Astonis celebrate Ben’s success that evening with champagne, and Ben and Maggie start to look forward to their Italy holiday plans. The next day, his spirits are lifted up thanks to the good news – but as he’s closing up the board shop, the police arrive. They tell him he’s under arrest for exporting prohibited drugs. To everyone’s shock, Ben is led away. What’s going on?

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