Home and Away spoilers: Willow and Ziggy take on an unexpected challenge

Colby (Tim Franklin) has been left feeling like he doesn’t know how to help Bella (Courtney Miller) following her traumatic experience with internet predator Tommy (Adam Sollis). Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has to warn him against doing anything reckless, like going after Tommy himself, saying that he has to be stronger than that for Bella’s sake.

Meanwhile, Willow (Sarah Roberts) is coaxing Bella into opening up back at the apartment. Bella reveals she can’t get Tommy out of her head and doesn’t want to let anyone touch her ever again. Willow is left thinking about how she can get Bella to start trusting men again.

Willow tells Colby that she and Bella have ‘secret women’s business’ to discuss, and they go for a walk along the beach. However, Bella has a meltdown when she finds out that Dean now knows what happened between her and Tommy. Willow promises that everything they discuss today will be confidential, but Bella feels like this is much too intense and talks about getting lunch instead.

In the Diner, Bella puts on a brave face for Irene (Lynne McGranger), who sees through it but doesn’t say anything. However, when Willow continues to try and get Bella to understand that most men aren’t creeps, this ends up being too much for the teen, who finally screams at Willow and stalks off. Along the way, she bumps into Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who asks her if she’s OK and gets the same treatment.

Willow and Ziggy go to find Bella, who eventually agrees to talk and says she just wants to get away. The three go for a drive, and end up going back to Ziggy’s place to watch a movie. Bella starts to open up more, and says she feels stupid for getting involved with Tommy, especially after Raffy (Olivia Deeble) warned her it was a bad idea. She feels that she must have done something wrong to lead Tommy on, and Willow tells her that everything he did was his fault. He was being manipulative and he had no right to do what he did.

Bella starts to cry, saying that your first kiss is meant to be special, but hers was ugly and gross. Willow and Ziggy tell Bella that what happened with Tommy wasn’t a kiss – it was assault. When she finds the right guy, she will have her first kiss.

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