Houseplants expert shares how to fix ‘common problems’ – from yellow leaves to brown spots

The Home Depot outlines common houseplant issues

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Houseplants can run into a lot of problems due to overwatering and poor sunlight. Now, an expert has shared how to fix “common problems” houseplants have. Dave from The Home Depot shared his solutions to problems including yellowing or browning of plant leaves, wilted leaves, and stunted growth.

Yellow leaves

The first houseplant Dave showed viewers was a striped plant with yellow leaves.

He said in a 2013 YouTube video: “See this right here it’s got really washed out colours – very yellow.

“It’s supposed to be really bright greens like this but instead we have got these really washed out colours and some damage.”

Dave said the reason for yellow leaves is usually caused by lack of nutrients, overwatering and poor drainage.

However, despite their appearance, the houseplant solution is actually “pretty simple”.

He continued: “So an easy thing to do is remount the holes here so water can go through.

“Another one is give it some fertiliser and after that just don’t water it as much.

Brittle leaves

Brown, crumbling leaves can be a sign of brittle leaves.

Dave said this is also a “pretty easy one to solve”, despite their unpleasant appearance.

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He continued: “It’s sun scorch. You need to relocate that plant somewhere else so it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

“Other than that, a little bit of water, relocating and it’s going to be just fine.”

Brown spots

Brown spots on the leaves and wilted leaves are most commonly caused by over-watering and poor drainage.

To solve this, you need to cut off “all the dead stuff”.

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Dave added: “Don’t water it as much and it’s going to be just fine. It’s a simple one to do.”

Root bound plants

Root bound plants often have stunted growth because the pot they’re in is too small.

Your plant will likely look unhealthy and the pot will be full of roots with hardly any dirt in there.

The houseplants needs to be repotted in a larger pot so the roots can spread out.

Dave explained: “That way it will be healthy and it’ll grow and flourish.

“It’s really simple. Just find a larger pot for it.

“You can also cut off some of the root just to give it some more room and a lot more dirt.

“They’re all simple steps that you can do make your houseplants look the best.”

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