Indoor vertical gardens are the decor trend that can help improve mental health

With over 6.6 million views on TikTok, vertical gardens are a trend that is going to carry into 2022 – and it also comes with some mental health benefits.

Being surrounded by nature can do wonders for your mental and physical health. From improving air quality to providing peace amid moments of stress, there is something about greenery that can help instil calm and peace into your life.

Unfortunately, for many city dwellers with limited outdoor space there isn’t much room for this, meaning many are looking into creative ways to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

One way to do so is through vertical gardens, which are grown vertically on a wall, making them ideal for urban environments with little space. They not only look good in any space, but they also have many health and environmental benefits.

“When featured indoors, you can feel more grounded, relaxed and at one with nature – which has become paramount for those spending an increased amount of time indoors or WFH,” says Keira Kay, plant expert at Bloom & Wild.

Bloom & Wild has shared three ways vertical gardens can not only be a great addition to your space, but can also help improve your mental and physical health.

Helps improve air quality

“Outdoor green living walls can improve the air quality of a city by filtering harmful toxins and pollutants,” say Kay. “Furthermore, they are beneficial for the climate, as they decrease theUHI (urban heat island) effect. On top of that, they can be a safe haven for wildlife, including birds and insects, within busy cities.

Studies and surveys prove that plants can make us happier and can help to improve concentration, creativity, enthusiasm and reduce frustration. In his article inFrontiers In Psychology, researcher Michael Brian McCullough says: “[Plants] have the potential to promote relaxation and recovery from stressful experiences.”

Kay says this is the reason why many businesses, schools, and universities are beginning to incorporate vertical gardens into their environment, as they help performance and reduce mental fatigue. 

Can help to improve your mood

“A vertical garden in your home can help you to relax, improve your mood, deal with stress better and reduce mental fatigue – ideal if you’re working from home,” says Kay.

“They are an eye-catching interior statement and video call background and a great way to include more greenery into your home, making the best of the available space.”

vertical garden illustration

Can help grow your own herbs 

According to Bloom & Wild, vertical gardens can be used as a herb or vegetable garden to add some freshness to your culinary adventures.

“You can use them to grow your own herbs, medicinals and vegetables. No matter what size your home is, vertical gardens are adaptable, and with a few tricks, you can make them work for you.”

Images: Bloom & Wild

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