Keep the cold out with these 11 cosy new buys from Zara Home

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If you’re looking to give your home an interiors refresh, Zara Home might be the place for you.

I’m always looking for ways to up the cosy factor in my home. Whether it’s finding the perfect weighted blanket, a new scented candle or warm and fuzzy pillows, I believe it’s important to create the atmosphere of your dreams and make your home feel like the cosy and comfortable sanctuary you desire.

And if there’s one way to quickly inject this into your home decor, it’s by perusing Zara Home’s latest products.

There you’ll find everything you’ll want and more, from geometric glass lanterns to reversible tartan blankets – and we’ve listed a few things we’ve seen that are definitely at the top of our wishlists.

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  • Reversible tartan blanket

    Zara Home: Reversible tartan blanket

    Cosy up with this soft reversible blanket, which features a tartan print and is great to snuggle up on the sofa with.

    Shop Zara Home reversible tartan blanket, £79.99


  • Decorative cracked bowl

    Zara Home: Decorative cracked bowl

    This glass bowl with a crackled effect is perfect as a decorative piece to add to your tablescaping this season.

    Shop Zara Home decorative cracked bowl, £25.99 – £39.99


  • Geometric glass lantern

    Zara Home: Geometric glass lantern

    With an antique finish and unique design, this geometric metal and glass lantern will fit perfectly in your home no matter the decor.

    Shop Zara Home geometric glass lantern, £25.99


  • Embroidered cushion cover

    Zara Home: Embroidered cushion cover

    Cottagecore fans will love this embroidered cushion cover, which will fit perfectly among dreamy decor filled with nature and nostalgic pieces.

    Shop Zara Home embroidered cushion cover, £29.99


  • Leather folding chair

    Zara Home: Leather folding chair

    This folding chair is a minimalist lover’s dream, thanks to its simple yet stylish design, which is made of acacia wood with a leather seat.

    Zara Home leather folding chair, £349.99


  • Irregular glass vase

    Zara Home: Irregular glass vase

    If you’re looking to add an understated piece to your home this burnt orange glass vase is just what you need.

    Shop Zara Home irregular glass vase, £49.99


  • Wooden bedside table

    Zara Home: Wooden bedside table

    This wooden table features a standout textured door and will look great in your living space or next to your bed.

    Shop Zara Home wooden bedside table, £159.99


  • Utility basket

    Zara Home: Utility basket

    There’s no reason why your storage can’t be chic – and this natural-coloured cotton and linen multi-purpose basket is practical, simple and available in a range of sizes. 

    Shop Zara Home utility basket, £7.99 – £15.99


  • Bohemia crystal tumbler

    Zara Home: Bohemia crystal tumbler

    Update your glassware with this Bohemia crystal glass tumbler.

    Shop Bohemia crystal tumbler, 4.99


  • Black ceramic trays

    Zara Home: black ceramic trays

    This striking black ceramic style dish is the ideal decorative piece for any room in the house.

    Shop Zara Home black ceramic trays, £15.99 – £19.99


  • Lamp with alabaster vase

    Zara Home lamp with alabaster vase

    This lamp with an alabaster base comes in a neutral colour making it a great transitional piece from season to season.

    Shop Zara Home lamp with alabaster vase, £89.99


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