Knowing when to water your plant is ‘key’ – how to care for houseplants

Gardeners' World: How to care for houseplants

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Houseplants have significantly grown in popularity in recent years, with them providing benefits such as purifying the air and brightening up a dull space. While some indoor plants will be tolerable of receiving little care, others need more care and attention to help them thrive. One expert has shared the top plants caring tips and which plants are the easiest to care for.

If you’re new to caring for houseplants, there are a few essential tips to know to help a plant flourish.

Founder of Beards & Daisies, Jo Lambell, spoke exclusively to about important caring tips for houseplants.

Jo said the “key” tip to caring for houseplants is to know when it needs watering.

She said: “Knowing when to water your plant is key! 

“Often we can kill with our kindness – we’re so keen to be attentive and look after our plants that we overwater them resulting in their demise. 

“Always check their soil before watering.”

Jo shared a simple trick houseplant owners can use to tell when their plants need watering.

She said: “If the top two inches feel dry to touch, it’s a good time to water.”

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Overwatering plants can lead to discoloured leaves and leaf drop, according to Jo.

She said: “Overwatered plants will display their distress with brown leaves.

“Often these will be wilted and droopy, too.

“Plants can drop their leaves for many reasons and overwatering is one prominent cause of this.”

All houseplants vary in terms of how much care and attention they need.

In particular, Jo listed a few houseplants that are typically easy to care for.

She said “There are so many easy care houseplants, in particular succulents and cacti are incredibly low maintenance as they require very little watering or attention in order to thrive.

“The snake plant is another easy care plant – you could leave it with low light and low water, and it’ll still be flourishing. 

“In addition to being incredibly hardy and not needing much care, it will look after you by improving the air quality of your home. 

“You can go three to four weeks without watering it.”

Beards & Daisies are a business born out of a passion for plants.

They bring together a carefully curated selection of indoor plants, featuring some lesser spotted varieties that you might not find in your local garden centre.

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