‘Never water near the stem!’ Houseplant expert shares tips for watering cacti

Cactuses: Home Depot expert discusses soil and repotting

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Cacti and succulents are popular houseplants that are a feature in most UK households. They’re known for being low maintenance, requiring hardly any watering or care. However, there are some important care tips that cacti owners need to remember.

The Home Depot’s houseplant expert Eileen has shared her key watering and potting tips for cactus plants.

Most cacti have shallow root systems and thick stems that store water so they require specific watering.

Eileen said you should water them “minimally” but ensure you “never” water them into the stem.

She said: “Water the plant very very minimally from the side of the plant.

“You never want to water near the stem.

“You always want to water the edge of the plant and twirl around and make sure there’s sufficient drainage.”

Cacti and succulents also need very specific potting mix.

Unlike other plants, they require good draining to avoid their roots going rotten.

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Eileen explained further: “You definitely want to use a soil that is specifically for cactus and succulents.

“It will say cactus, palm and citrus potting mix.

“This is great for succulents. Also, do not use regular potting mix.

“It will hold the water too much to the roots and your plant will experience root rot.

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“This has a tremendous amount of sand in it which gives us great drainage.”

Another “tip” Eileen shared ensuring you use a pot with holes in.

Even though you don’t water cacti very often, you need to make sure the plant has good drainage.

But if you are going to plant a cactus in a pot that doesn’t have a hole, make sure the pot it’s actually planted in has holes in it and then put it in a decorative pot.

Cacti also require certain light conditions despite their low maintenance.

Eileen said: “Cactus houseplants also prefer the same care as those found in nature.

“They like a warm sunny location or a spot with lots of bright light.

“While some cacti can handle direct sunlight, many are not suited for low light conditions.”

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