Nine hacks to get your home party-ready

Teja Lele Desai lists nine tips to get you going

It’s party season, and time for impromptu soirées. While it’s not possible for your home to resemble a five-star hotel, that’s no reason to welcome friends and family into a messy abode. We give you a cheat sheet on how you can make your home party-ready in an hour.

1. Hide the trail of dirt

Move the dirty dishes from the sink to the wash area. Pick up clothes, books and everything that’s cluttering the living and dining area and stash them into a closet till next day.

2. Grab a wet cloth

Focus on the entryway, living room, dining area and verandahs. Al you need to do is wipe off every visible surface — table, chair or artefact — with the wet cloth and let dry.

3. Rearrange the seating

Ensure that your to furniture is conducive to group conversation. If possible, create multiple conversation areas. Not enough chairs? Toss a few pillows on the floor.

4. Order in fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can completely change the look and feel of a room. Flowers in vases have been done to death, so try unusual placements — in a wine stem, a beer mug or even an old tin.

5. Put on the lamps

Not having yellow lighting is a crime if you’re hosting a party. Switch off the fluorescents and turn to warm lighting: bright or dim, it can create a wonderful mood. If you don’t have lamps, take out the Diwali fairy lights and string them up.

6. Check the bar

Ensure that you have enough spirits and mixers to get the party going and keep it continuing. You will need lots of ice. Buy and pop the packets into the washing machine — the easiest way to store them.

7. Peep into the bathroom

The washroom is the one area in your home which every guest is bound to visit. It needs to be spanking clean, so wash the sink and the toilet, and wipe the floor dry. Fresh napkins, clean towels and a few scented candles will have you sorted.

8. Bring out aromatic candles

Research has shown

that smell is an important part of how much people enjoy an evening out. Fragrances such as peppermint and orange are especially popular, so get them on well before people start to arrive.

9. Sort out your playlist

The right music can turn your evening around. Tap a music app or get out your music collection — and play it at a volume that works.

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