Over 20,000 Shoppers Agree This Industrial-Strength Deodorizer Is the 'Holy Grail' of Pet Cleaners

Pet parents, rejoice! Shoppers have discovered the "holy grail" of pet cleaners just in time for spring cleaning season, which is just around the corner. 

Amazon reviewers love Angry Orange's commercial-grade pet odor eliminator, calling it a "miracle worker" and "incredibly powerful." The concentrate works as a cleaner and deodorizer, and it can be used on almost any surface (carpet, upholstered furniture, and others) to eliminate smells, deep clean, and remove stains. And it's become so popular that it's one of Amazon's most-reviewed and best-selling pet cleaners overall, earning over 20,000 five-star ratings. 

Buy It! Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator and Cleaner, $22.97; amazon.com

The $23 find comes as a concentrate that's designed to be combined with water at home, resulting in one gallon of cleaner. Once it's mixed, it can be applied to rugs, furniture, tile, hardwood, concrete, car surfaces, garbage cans, mattresses — just about anywhere. And it works right away, leaving behind a citrusy smell that's derived from orange oil. It also comes in a spray bottle (pre-mixed) for $21, but if you're after the best bang for your buck, the concentrate is the way to go. 

Reviewers love the formula, claiming that "a little goes a long way." You won't need much to tackle smelly spots, and the bottle is likely to last you a while. The cleaning solution has also earned praise for its refreshing scent and deep cleaning power. 

"I am obsessed with this product," one reviewer wrote. "I have two dogs that were both stubborn with their potty training, so my apartment started smelling like a zoo. I tried everything to get rid of the smell — nothing worked. I thought all hope had been lost with my carpets. Money is tight, so buying new carpet was out of the question. Angry Orange saved the day! It really is as good as all these other reviewers say."

Another chimed in with praise, sharing that the cleaner saved his marriage. "My wife has adopted multiple shelter dogs and cats in the 17 years we've been married," the reviewer wrote. "Over the years the doggy incontinence and disgruntled cat sprays have soaked in and made it impossible to allow guests to come over. It's embarrassing. I came across Angry Orange and the heavens parted! Just a few drops keeps our house daisy fresh. I'm happy, my wife is happy, and all's right with the world again. Angry Orange, you are now the second love of my life."

If you're ready to see what all of the hype is about, you can have the Prime-eligible deodorizer at your door in no time. It's going for $23 right now, but pet owners who find themselves constantly cleaning may want to opt for Amazon's subscribe and save offer, which comes with a discount. You can set it and forget it, and this way you'll get it at a lower price and ensure you always have some on hand. 

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