Plant repotting hack to achieve the ‘perfect height’ without measuring

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Repotting plants is vital when the roots become cramped, no matter whether they grow in the garden, or inside your home. While it’s not hard to do, it can be difficult to judge the size and depth of the new planting hole when moving your plants to their new pot. Getting it right is crucial to keep the roots intact and help plants thrive, and a gardening enthusiast has revealed her super-quick repotting technique to get the planting depth right every time.

In a recent post on her TikTok, Lyndsay Miller (@lynnymillerr) shared the clever trick.

Instead of judging the planting depth with a mere guess, the self-proclaimed “plant and life hack lover” placed the original pot into the new one.

She started with a larger, empty pot and placed the existing plant into the centre while still potted.

Next, the TikTok user started filling the space around the smaller pot with potting soil.

She continued to add the soil until it was level with the rim of the smaller pot.

As she demonstrated the simple trick, Lyndsay said: “I always miscalculate how high I should put my plant into the soil, so my plant is always too high or too low.”

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She added that the hack “takes all of that guesstimating away”.

Once the pot is full to the top with soil, don’t forget to remove the original pot.

By leaving it in, it would defeat the purpose of repotting.

Gently lift it out with two hands to reveal a pot-sized gap in the centre of the new container.

Next, carefully lift the plant out of its small pot by turning it upside down to loosen it.

Avoid touching the remaining soil to keep the mould intact.

Gently flip the existing plant and its pot over so the roots are on the base and position it into the empty gap in the new container.

The TikTok user explained that the mould left by the plant creates the perfect space for the plant to continue growing.

She said: “It’s the perfect height, with no measuring, rearranging or anything.”

Before moving the pot back to its growing position in your home or garden, top it off with more soil.

While it’s recommended to water plants when first planted, you should refrain from doing so after repotting.

According to experts at Pistils Nursery, this is to allow any root damage which may have occurred to heal.

Instead, wait around one week before watering your plant in its new pot.

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