Spoiler: Bella faced with pure evil in Home and Away

It’s been a rocky start for Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) court case, which has seen Bella (Courtney Miller) suffer a panic attack and almost not make it in, Tommy (Adam Sollis) showing up as a surprise witness and Colby (Tim Franklin) making such a scene he’s thrown out of court. To make matters worse, the judge adjourned court for the day, meaning Bella will have to face up to Tommy in the flesh for a second time tomorrow.

Having already struggled to give her testimony to the lawyer in front of her attacker, and with Colby’s disturbance making the situation even harder, Bella is in a bad place and lashes out at her older brother, saying she doesn’t want him there tomorrow. Devastated, Colby calls up Willow (Sarah Roberts) and asks if she will go in his place. She’s reluctant, and thinks he should talk Bella round, but Colby wants to do right by what his sister wants.

Willow takes matters into her own hands and talks to Bella, telling her she will get through this situation by focusing on the people who matter. Instead of thinking about Tommy – or even looking at him – in court, she should focus on the one person who has been by her side throughout the whole process: Colby.

The next day, Bella takes Colby with her to court, having taken on Willow’s advice. However, she, Irene and Leah are surprised to find a sudden flood of support outside the court in the form of Irene’s survivor group. They have shown up with chants and placards in order to support the women on this important day.

Bella takes the stand again, with Tommy present for a second time in his wheelchair. When the lawyer begins to ask her questions about what happened between her and Tommy, she hesitates and has to dig deep. Will she freeze in front of Tommy, or will she find the courage to speak out about what he did?

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