Spoilers: Cash takes on Tex in prison as he goes rogue in Home and Away

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been left an emotional wreck after discovering that his sister and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) were in a major car crash on the big wedding day.

While Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is at home, recovering, Eden is in a coma and it’s not looking good. To make matters worse, the initial reports come back about the accident and confirm that the brakes were deliberately cut.

It doesn’t take long for Cash to put two and two together – he was meant to be driving the car that day, which means that someone was targeting him. And the only people who have it out for him are the bikies. It looks like the target is still on his head…Cash vows to avenge Eden and hatches a plan to seek answers, ignoring official police procedure and going rogue.

Over at the prison, Cash waits to be let in so he can talk with one criminal in particular – Tex (Lucas Linehan). It’s been a while since the pair have seen each other, but Cash senses that Tex knows a lot more about his life than he’s letting on. Cash goes in hard from the get-go, wanting to know the truth, but Tex plays innocent and questions – how could he have hatched a plan to damage the car from inside a prison cell?

As Cash continues to push, Tex reveals he won’t be giving away any answers unless he gets something in return. However, Cash refuses to negotiate with criminals and couldn’t help even if he wanted to – after all, this isn’t an officially sanctioned visit. However, when Tex lets Eden’s name slip, Cash suddenly realises how the bikies are getting their information.

Cash heads back to the Bay and updates Gary. The two cops decide to turn the house upside down looking for the bugs, while maintaining a casual conversation to ensure the bikies don’t figure out Cash knows everything.

Silently, the pair indicate to each other when they’ve found the bugs – and Cash is furious. He needs to find out how the bikies are relaying information to Tex and stop them once and for all…

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