Spoilers: Jasmine helps Colby to get out of jail in Home and Away

Summer Bay has been left in shock after Colby’s (Tim Franklin) arrest in the Diner for the murder of Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak). The only person happy about the situation is Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz), who has been able to make the arrest thanks to a mystery witness coming forward. 

He makes sure that it’s impossible for Colby or his loved ones to afford bail, putting it up at a huge amount. Jasmine (Sam Frost) bumps into him and listens to him gloating about how Colby will never get out of jail, which results in her taking matters into her own hands.

She uses the gym as collateral to afford Colby’s bail, and it isn’t long before he’s walking through Summer Bay again. He’s incredibly grateful to Jasmine, but with just a short time before his trial he has a lot to work on.

He’s determined to work out who the witness is, and his first suspect is Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). He verbally attacks her, leaving her in shock. Fortunately, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) arrives in time to break up the situation. Ziggy vehemently denies she said anything, and Dean has a go at Colby for lashing out.

Angelo overhears Mac (Emily Weir) and Ziggy talking about Colby’s explosive behaviour, and realises his witness could be in danger. He places a suppression order on the witness, so their identity will not be revealed until the day of the trial. Is Colby’s luck about to run out?

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