Spoilers: Jasmine leaves Robbo in heartbreaking Home and Away scenes

Robbo (Jake Ryan) has been working with Dr Alex (Zoe Ventoura) to unlock his memories with hypnosis, so he can finally figure out what happened to Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) at the time he was held hostage on a boat. After finding out that Carter must still be alive, Robbo tells Scott (Trent Baines) he’s been searching for any leads that suggest Carter was treated in a medical facility around the time of the boat incident, but he’s come up with nothing.

Feeling frustrated, Robbo starts to believe they’ve run out of leads. Scott suggests reviewing airport CCTV footage in case Carter fled the country. Robbo says that would take a long time, as there would be hundreds of hours to go through, but faced with no other options, he’s forced to agree.

The tension piles on when Robbo receives a text from the Ouroboros gang, saying he has 48 hours to deliver Carter. Even Scott begins to admit defeat, telling Robbo he knows what he has to do now…Robbo agrees, saying he’ll tell Jasmine (Sam Frost) after her night shift.

The next morning, Robbo is out for a run to clear his head, and runs into Alf (Ray Meagher), who voices concern for him. Robbo asks Alf how a man is meant to tell his wife that she needs to leave him…

When she returns from working her night shift, Jasmine finds Robbo looking subdued. He drops the bombshell that there’s been a threat made against her by the criminal gang, and the only way to ensure her safety is for her to leave the country.

Jasmine immediately says no to the idea, and is even more upset when Robbo implies they could be apart for a very long time. Realising he has to convince her it’s the right thing to do, Robbo takes Jasmine into the investigation room, confronting her with the horrifying crime scene photos of his previous family’s brutal murder…

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