Spoilers: Karen tries to sleep with Ben in Home and Away

Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) mum, Karen (Georgia Adamson), has just made a surprise return to the Bay. Unaware of who she is, Ben (Rohan Nichol) gets talking to her in the caravan park, and they’re drinking beer together when Dean shows up. Dean wants to know what Karen is doing in the Bay, and she reveals she’s been released from the mental health facility.

Later, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) runs into Ben, who tells her that Dean’s mum is in the Bay. This surprises Ziggy, who wonders why Dean hasn’t let her know. Meanwhile, Karen is bombarding Dean with questions about Ziggy, and he admits they’ve been dating for months. Wondering why Dean has never mentioned it to her, Karen concludes that he must be ashamed of her.

Dean protests against this, but is stopped by his tracks when Ziggy confronts him about not sharing the news that his mum is around – forcing him to introduce them to each other. The women start getting to know each other, but Karen’s blunt questioning and Ziggy’s fiery responses clearly has them off to a rocky start.

Ziggy tells her parents she made a terrible first impression, and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) decides to invite Karen to lunch. Dean is uneasy, and asks Karen not to embarrass him. When everyone arrives, Maggie makes an effort to make both Ben and Karen comfortable.

Maggie is put out when Karen mentions the beers she had with Ben in the caravan park, and Karen isn’t impressed by the fancy food on offer. However, Karen goes on to tell stories about bringing Dean up, including the time she slept with Dean’s teacher to prevent him from getting expelled!

After lunch, Karen questions Maggie about her marriage, and puts her foot in it by asking if she can sleep with Ben if they’re over…Dean drags his mum away and Maggie breaks down. Has Karen ruined her chances with the Astoni family?

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