These 7 garden trends will be everywhere this summer

Written by Leah Sinclair

From hanging lights to rattan furniture, these are the home accessories you’ll want to add to your garden this summer.

Over the last few years, many of us have rediscovered our love for outdoor spaces amid the coronavirus pandemic – and understandably so.

After all, our gardens and balconies became the only place we’d get consistent fresh air throughout 2020 and many of us with limited outdoor space turned to biophilic design to get our nature fix.

Whether you had a larger than life garden, or had plants encroaching on every nook and cranny of your flat, we all reaped the benefits of gardens, greenery and everything in between – and we’re continuing to affirm our love of nature by keeping our outdoor spaces as fresh as possible.

One way to do so is by giving our spaces a little update ahead of the summer season – and furniture brand VonHaus has given us some insight into the garden trends which are expected to be big this summer.

Analysing 2022 garden trends images on Pinterest, the brand revealed the home accessories that people are looking to incorporate into their gardens this year – and we’ve listed them here to help you get your space fully kitted out for alfresco dining and entertaining all summer long.

  • Fire pits

    Garden trends 2022: Outdoor fire pits

    Add glamour and excitement to your garden with a fire pit. It’s a great way to stay cosy as the sun begins to set and will ensure that you can keep the conversation flowing long into the night.

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  • Gazebos

    Garden trends 2022: Gazebos

    According to VonHaus, gazebos are expected to be everywhere this summer, with searches for pop-up gazebos seeing a huge 1,100% increase over the past 90 days.

    As garden parties welcome their way back into our lives, gazebos are great if you’re looking for a shaded space to keep your family and friends out of the sun, or in some cases the rain too.

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  • Rattan furniture

    Garden trends 2022: Rattan furniture

    Searches for rattan garden chairs have seen an increase of 500% over the past 90 days, according to VonHaus, and rattan furniture in general is a popular choice this year.

    From its durability to the variety of chic rattan designs, this style of furniture is perfect for gardens no matter your interior style.

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  • Low coffee tables

    Garden trends 2022: Low coffee tables

    Iced coffee season is back and what better way to enjoy one than sitting in the sunshine?

    Offering a sleek and stylish aesthetic to your garden, low coffee tables are a stylish and sleek way to elevate your garden.

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  • Hanging lights

    Garden trends 2022: Hanging lights

    Searches for garden hanging lights have seen a 350% increase over the last three months.

    Lights like this Nkuku Mokomo hanging lantern bring a chill and relaxing ambience to warm summer nights in the garden, and an elegant feel to your outdoor space.

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  • Rugs

    Garden trends 2022: Rugs

    When you think of rugs, most people will think of something warm and fluffy and inside the house.

    But outdoor rugs are having a moment, as they offer a unique and cosy look to the garden while also providing some extra seating space for guests on those warm summer evenings.

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  • Potted plants

    Garden trends 2022: Potted plants

    Potted plants are a garden trend that will never go out of style, thanks to their versatility as they help to bring a curated but natural vibe to your garden.

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Images: Getty; Tikamoon; Sklum; Nkuku; Rockett St George; Patch Plants

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