‘They hate it!’ Get rid of slugs and snails from your garden with easy coffee hack

Clodagh McKenna reveals tip for getting rid of slugs

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Slugs are one of the most common garden pests, and gardeners will do almost anything to stop them from eating their crops. Irish chef and avid gardener, Clodagh McKenna was in the This Morning kitchen cooking up a family feast yesterday. One ingredient in her summer spinach and ricotta pasta bake was sourced from her garden, and she told viewers how she deters slugs from getting to her gigantic leaves of spinach. 

“I’m using my own spinach that I picked this morning – I picked it at 5am this morning with the sun coming up,” Clodagh said. 

“We were tasting it earlier on – it’s so good for you,” presenter Phillip Schofield remarked. “You’ve got enough spinach for the whole summer?” 

The chef explained: “I’ve got enough spinach for the whole summer for £2. 

“Go back four years ago, I couldn’t grow a plant – I would kill a plant, I was terrible. 

“If you think you can’t grow spinach, you can, because I did. 

“All you have to do is drill little rows, cover it about one 1.5cm down – no more than that because it needs to see the sun. 

“Water it every day if it’s not raining, and in three to four weeks you will have spinach,” she added. 

“You can do them in pots as well – it’s so easy to grow.” 

Phillip asked: “What about slugs and stuff, do they get on them?” 

“Do you know what I’ve started using for my slugs? I don’t know if this will work for everybody but it works for me,” Clodagh said. 

“I use coffee – so my leftover coffee, it’s a big thing, because slugs hate wet soil, so if you can make a ring around you plants with coffee, or else sharp objects like eggshells – they hate that as well.” 

Slugs are active for most of the year, but they are a particular problem in spring when there are plenty of young plants and seedlings for them to target and eat. 

They are also most active after dark when it gets warm and damp. 

During hot weather, slugs prefer to bury themselves in soil or hide somewhere cool and dark to avoid dehydrating. 

As for whether sprinkling coffee in a ring around the plants works as a slug deterrent, it does for some gardeners. 

Because slugs crawl everywhere, and their bodies are soft and sensitive, they do not like to crawl over anything that irritates their skin. 

Instead of coffee, some gardeners use wood ash, sand, or bark. 

Some plants repel slugs, so gardeners like to companion plant. 

Plants slugs dislike include alliums, strong-smelling mint, foxgloves and geraniums. 

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