‘They won’t last’: Signs you should ‘avoid’ buying a poinsettia from a supermarket

Learn how to care for Christmas cactus and poinsettias

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Poinsettias can often be found in homes across the country at this time of year. Despite their popularity, they are actually native to Mexico and Central America. The plants are known for their large red bracts which look like flowers, making them highly decorative.

Houseplant enthusiasts will often find poinsettias in supermarkets as Christmas draws ever closer.

However, despite poinsettias being found in stores across the country, there a signs to look out for that a poinsettia may not be in the best condition.

The Gardeners’ World website has shared tips for buying a poinsettia.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s likely people will be rushing to buy a last-minute poinsettia plant to decorate their homes ready for the big day.

However, when buying a poinsettia, homeowners need to ensure they “avoid” one that “won’t last”.

Gardeners’ World said those who are buying a poinsettia from a garden centre or supermarket, it’s important to ensure it is in “good condition”.

Signs the plant may be in bad condition include “wilting” leaves.

This is a sign the plant has been stored in too cold conditions.

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The site said poinsettias near a door or even on a petrol station forecourt need to be “avoided” as they “simply won’t last”.

As soon as you buy a poinsettia, it needs to start being cared for.

On the journey home, the plant needs to be “well-protected”.

The plant’s delicate leaves need to be protected from freezing temperatures, which means keeping those car windows closed.

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Even between the shop and the car, the plant can be exposed to cold temperatures that could damage it.

Gardeners’ World recommend asking a shop assistant to wrap up the plant or cover it in a plastic bag.

However, it’s important poinsettias aren’t left in a car for longer than it necessary.

Temperatures can quickly drop at this time of year, meaning the poinsettia will suffer.

Try to avoid overwatering a poinsettia as it can turn the leaves yellow or make them wilt.

Only water them when the soil starts to dry out.

Try and avoid keeping the bottom of your poinsettia in a water-filled saucer.

This can lead to root rot which could kill the plant.

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