This TikTok-Famous Bike and Desk Workstation Is the Ultimate Work-from-Home Productivity Hack

Leave it to TikTok to find the ultimate work from home productivity hack. 

Both TikTok and Instagram influencers rave about this Flexispot workstation, which is both a stationary bike and standing desk. The sleek piece, which is $350 on Amazon, makes it easy to cycle while you work, and it's become so popular, it's currently backordered (though you can still order it now and expect it to arrive in February). Owners describe it as "the best purchase I've made all year" and a "multitaskers' dream."

Buy It! Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk and Exercise Bike Station, $349.99;

The adjustable desk and bike has racked up millions of views on TikTok, and it's also a hit with Amazon buyers, earning hundreds of praise-filled reviews. Shoppers love its sturdy and supportive feel, "elegant" look, quiet design, and overall functionality. With various levels of intensity, you can adjust it for light activity or take on a more intense workout. And thanks to its wheels, you can easily move it around your home. 

"It is very attractive and streamlined, so I don't mind at all having it in my home office," one reviewer wrote. "It took 5 minutes to assemble out of the box, with very simple instructions. I did my first Zoom meeting by bike today and it was great. It is so quiet that you can't hear it. This is great for people looking to fit some movement into their day."

"Long story short, I have no time for the gym," another reviewer shared. "This is a great way to keep moving while I work. [It's] easy to multitask, super quiet, and smooth. I'm averaging about 8-11 without even thinking about it. My coworkers keep interrupting me to find out how they can get one!"

Buy It! Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk and Exercise Bike Station, $349.99;

While it's a great tool for getting in some extra movement throughout your day, reviewers have also shared a variety of surprising benefits, like increased productivity, better sleep, and increased energy. And they love to use it beyond their nine to five, too, opting to hop on while playing video games, watching television, and more.

Considering most stationary exercise bikes cost hundreds of dollars (if not thousands for higher-end spinning bikes), this desk and bike combo, which also functions as a standing desk, offers three functionalities, making it a steal at under $400. If you're ready to hop on and give it a spin, you can use Amazon to get in on the next shipment, which is set to arrive in mid-February. 

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