WATCH: Drake Gives Dance-Filled Tour of His Decadent Toronto Mansion in New Video

Just hold on, we’re touring Drake‘s home!

On Thursday, the rapper, 33, debuted the music video for his latest single, “Toosie Slide,” which sees the star practicing a new viral dance routine throughout the lavish rooms in his Toronto mansion.

The sprawling house — designed by Ferris Rafauli, who referred to it as “the Embassy” — was a custom creation commissioned by Drake years ago, built from the ground up with seemingly endless over-the-top amenities.

The home features a full-size basketball court, basement pool, roof terrace and more, some of which appears in the music video’s room-by-room tracking shot.

The video, which was shot literally in house amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, opens showing empty city streets, then transitioning to the “God’s Plan” artist with his face covered with a mask. He struts through a museum-like room that puts his many trophies and accolades on display, including a Grammy (or four!) plus some MTV VMA Moon people statuettes.

Another room with glowing blue light reminiscent of his viral “Hotline Bling” video, features wall art showing some of Drake’s influences, including a portrait of Snoop Dogg.

Toward the close of the video, the rapper walks fans through his jaw-dropping indoor pool areas, complete with mood lighting, mirrors and private spa rooms.

The enormous estate’s exterior is showcased at the end of the music video, lit up, naturally, by an extravagant nighttime fireworks display.

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