When to plant out courgettes: Exact time to move courgettes outdoors for a successful crop

How to harvest courgettes explained by B&Q

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Courgettes are straightforward to sow and grow at home, but this refreshing green vegetable must be timed right to be successful. Late spring is the ideal time to begin potting up the small seeds, but you should always wait a while for them to establish before transplanting outside to your garden. This is the best time to sow and plant out courgettes for a flavoursome, high-yield crop.

When to sow courgettes

Establishing new seedlings is easy to do in just a few weeks, though you should be careful not to keep young crops outside too early in the season.

According to Gardeners’ World, courgette seeds can be sown indoors in April or May, using small pots full of multi-purpose compost.

This tender crop will not do well in frosty conditions, so always avoid moving them to a cold or exposed spot until the final frost has passed.

When to plant out courgettes

While an early courgette crop can be started indoors in late spring, you should wait until the first signs of summer to begin growing this fleshy green vegetable outside.

Established seedlings can be removed from their pots and transplanted into a soil bed throughout May and June.

It is generally safe to move the young seedlings as long as:

  • The weather is consistently warmer with no frost
  • The seedlings are well established

From late May to early June, you can sow the seeds directly outside though this will mean your harvest will arrive later in the summer.

According to Gardeners’ World, your courgette crop can be sown and harvested in the space of six months, just use these key timings to ensure your crop is successful:

  • Sow seeds or start potted courgettes indoors in April and May
  • Sow seeds outdoors in late May to early June for a late crop
  • Plant out young plants in May and June
  • Harvest fruits from July to October

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How to grow a productive courgette crop for summer

Whether you’re growing courgettes from seed or as a young plant, this summer vegetable must be properly planted and cared for to secure a productive crop.

Getting everything from the soil to the watering schedule right is crucial, but what exactly does your courgette plant need to grow?

Rich soil

Courgettes are considered a hungry crop so it is important to plant them in rich soil, packed with plenty of essential nutrients.

Well-rotted horse manure and compost are two key ingredients you can add to the planting site before sowing your courgettes seeds.

Weekly feeding

Maintaining the nutrient-rich soil composition is easy to do, just apply a high potash feed every week after planting to help the crop produce flavoursome fruits.

Gardeners’ World recommended using a high potash feed like tomato food to do this.

Regular watering

Keeping the soil moist is essential for newly planted crops, and courgettes are no exception.

Water the plants regularly to ensure the soil is hydrated and able to produce fresh growth.

You can test the dryness of the soil using your finger to determine when to add more water.

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