Winter gardening: Best place for tomatoes to ‘thrive’ in winter – ‘ideal environment’

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Tomatoes are a warm season crop, meaning many gardeners usually avoid growing them through the winter months. However with the right equipment and choosing the correct variety of tomato, they can thrive during the winter.

Experts at Rhino Greenhouses Direct shared top tips on growing tomatoes successfully in winter.

They said: “Tomatoes are sub-tropical plants and therefore thrive in warm, sheltered and sunny environments.

“Greenhouses are an ideal place for them.

“Tomatoes should preferably be grown in full sun.

“Tomato plants love rich and fertile soil and you will need to water them regularly as they are thirsty plants.

“Beware though, if you overwater them the tomatoes will rot or split.

“Once the first flowers have bloomed, tomato plants need feeding with high potassium feed such as Tomorite, once a week.

“Greenhouses provide the ideal environment for tomato plants to thrive as they are sheltered and warm.

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“Consider planting them in large pots or grow bags.”

The experts recommended planting tomatoes in a 30cm pot.

They added: “Tomatoes need to be kept at a consistent temperature of around 18 degrees for germination.

“If you’re growing them in the winter months, it’s essential you invest in a high-quality greenhouse heater.”

Rhino Greenhouses Direct explained that growing basil plants in the same space as tomatoes can actually help keep away pests.

What’s more, basil can also help to prevent diseases.

This can stop tomato plants from being ruined.

The experts said: “Tomato and basil are a delicious flavour combination too.”

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Feeding tomatoes every 10 to 14 days with a high potassium liquid fertiliser can also help to boost fruiting.

The Greenhouse People also recommend opening the vents to keep the air moving inside the greenhouse.

The experts said: “Even the most experienced gardener needs a helping hand in winter.

“If you have a greenhouse, a thermometer can track day and night temperatures, letting you know when to intervene if conditions become less favourable for particular plants like artichokes, tomatoes and peppers.

“Adding a gas or electric heater can help through cold snaps and most include a thermostat too, as an added bonus.

“Make sure to open your vents regularly to keep the air moving and deter gunnel diseases such as grey mould and powdery mildew.”

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