1-year-old waits outside each day to hug big sis as she exits school bus

A video of a toddler running to hug her big sister is getting some serious love from Facebook users.

Mom Jennifer Borget earlier this week filmed as her 1-year-old Aliyah stood outside for her daily ritual of waiting on her siblings to return home from school.

As big sis Jayda, 9, came off the bus, Aliyah runs to her and they share the sweetest embrace.

“I think any mom loves seeing the love that their kids have for each other,” Borget, of Austin, Texas, told “Good Morning America.” “She misses them all day at school, and when they come home she likes to give them a hug.”

“It’s fun to see that so many other people like it too,” said Borget, who is also mom to Tyree, 6.

The video so far has garnered 1.6 million views on Facebook.

Borget said Aliyah will continue waiting outside for her brother and sister until the last day of school.

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