12 Best Christmas Baubles 2021 | The Sun UK

DECORATING the Christmas tree with baubles is as much about the experience, as it is about making the tree look as gorgeous and festive as possible.

From glass to shatterproof designs, the best Christmas baubles help give your house that extra touch of Christmas magic.

While some may prefer traditional colours and materials, such as red, gold and green glass designs – others may be looking for a more glitzy, or unique, addition.

Although some people may prefer sparkly, metallic designs, others may want to get creative and make their own baubles with glitter, gold foil and miniature figurines.

Or, you can even go the extra mile and personalise your baubles with a photograph inside, which can also double up as a sentimental gift for a friend or family member.

But whatever you choose, be quick! Sets of Christmas baubles sell like hot cakes in the countdown to Christmas, so get set on your décor this festive season, and check out our round-up of this year's best Christmas baubles.

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