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YOUR beloved furry best friend deserves to sleep and relax on one of the best dog beds around.

Whether you want a smart, chic bed that matches your lounge's aesthetic, or you're happy to grab something basic but comfy to save some cash, there are so many out there.

There are even miniature sofas and chairs for your pooch if you want to go wild and really spoil them.

Seeing as British weather is unpredictable, it's always good to opt for a design that will keep your dog happy year-round – opt for beds that are lined with warm fabrics that will make sure they're cosy on chilly winter nights.

An easy-t0-clean option is a must, too. We are talking about an animal that loves rolling in fox poo, after all.

There are many styles to choose from, all with their own benefits. We've made your life easier and found the nicest, comfiest on the market right now.

Memory foam? Check. Sunny day shade? Check. Luxury? We've got loads. Here are the best dog beds around.

Best orthopaedic dog bed: The Dog’s Bed, Large Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Bed

  • The Dog’s Bed, Large Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Bed, £92.99 from Amazon – buy here

Just like our bodies need a little extra TLC as we age, dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and aching joints need a bed that provides support and stability as they get older.

Delighted pet owners love this plush bed – either for one larger dog or two smaller ones – with fans saying it's 'by far the best dog bed I've bought', 'really great quality' and 'wish I had bought one sooner'.

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