3-Year-Old 'Gal Pals' Born Within 2-Week Span Continue Photo Tradition with '60s-Themed Shoot

From left: Aurora, Olive, Haven, Lyla and Aubrey

Aurora, Olive, Haven, Lyla, and Aubrey — all 3 years old — were born within two weeks of one another in 2016 to a group of close friends. And those mamas have since found a way to pass their strong bond onto their girls: through themed photo shoots.

“If you don’t know who the FAB 5 is.. I would like to introduce you to the cutest group of gal pals ever,” photographer Alex Bolen, of  Shutter Darling Photography, LLC, wrote in a Facebook post full of the group’s latest photos. “Yes they really all are adorable friends and now big SISTERS!”

In the photos, the girls are dressed in bell-bottom pants, flower crowns and round-framed glasses for the ’60s-themed photo shoot. They link arms and smile in front of a classic Volkswagen bus.

From left: Aurora, Olive, Haven, Lyla and Aubrey

“We played music and had a lot of props! They were having a ton of fun!” Bolen, who is Haven’s mother, tells PEOPLE. “They just love to play together no matter what the scene is!”

Bolen says the latest photo shoot marked the girls’ sixth session together. In her Facebook post she said two of the girls were born on the same day, and all were born within two weeks of each other. Their previous photo shoots were at ages 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year and 2 years old.

“We want to continue it every year! It really has been the most incredible project,” she tells PEOPLE. “The girls have the most amazing bond!”

Bolen said the mothers debated the ’60s idea for a few weeks after it was first suggested.

“I actually reached out on Facebook looking for a VW bus, and when I found one, I knew we had to run with that idea!” she said, adding that another mom made the shirts.

Themes for previous photo shoots included sequins, princesses and Christmas pajamas. Bolen told Good Morning America that she and the other moms have been friends for years.

Five friends in past princess themed photo shoot

The little ones were all born in 2016 between Feb. 27 and March 13, she said.

“When Alex approached me for the first time with her idea, I remember thinking how cute and creative it was,” Olive’s mother, Jamie Page, told GMA. “Not only has it given my daughter four best friends … it’s given me four amazing mom friends.”

Now, Bolen says, the moms are happy to share their little ones’ modeling skills with the world.

“They love it!! It’s just such a neat feeling to see these huge online platforms wanting to share it,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s so humbling! The moms keep saying ‘our babies are famous!’ “

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