30 Clever Winter Captions For Instagram & Going On Chilly Adventures

It’s officially winter, which means you’re bundling up in chunky sweaters and cute mittens before loading up your camera roll with snow-filled selfies. To make sure your next Instagram post is the best it can be, have plenty of creative props and clever winter captions on hand. When you’re done snapping away outside, you’ll be ready to fill your feed with so much wintry fun.

Right now, having a winter photo session in your backyard is a safe and smart way to snag new Instagram content. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly advises people to stay at home. Avoiding contact with people outside of your immediate household poses the least amount of risk for potentially contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. So, invite your roomies to join you, and plan to have a magical adventure in your own backyard.

Staying at home definitely has its perks. You’ll have spare time to focus on how you want your pictures to look, and you can even work in some outfit changes to add variety to your shoot. As a matter of fact, you can rock a look that perfectly coordinates with your festive coffee cup and inflatable toboggan. Pull that post together with a clever winter caption like, "My whole world looks snow freakin’ adorable right now." Or, show off your silly side by making a squad of snow angels with your roomies. Caption your snap with something like, "Roommates don’t let roommates play in the snow alone."

Deciding how to pose will be the hardest part. But, once you’re done snapping away, check out these 30 clever winter captions that’ll capture your feelings for hot cocoa and snow day fun. Your followers are sure to giggle, cheer, or even plan a winter photo session of their own.

1. "Backyard chillin’."

2. "Snow. That’s it. That’s the caption."

3. "Snow happens, hot chocolate helps."

4. "My favorite color is evergreen."

5. "Let’s sleigh together forever."

6. "Dancing through the snow."

7. "Is it socially acceptable to wear a blanket to my backyard?"

8. "Always up to snow good."

9. "Where are all my jingle ladies at?"

10. "Here for the hot cocoa and winter kisses."

11. "Take some advice from winter and chill out."

12. "Falling all over the ice for you, babe."

13. "My whole world looks snow freakin’ adorable right now."

14. "But first, let’s drink hot chocolate and cuddle."

15. "Chillin’ with my mug like Baby Yoda."

16. "These are the winter days I live for."

17. "May the forest of snowy evergreen trees be with you."

18. "This might be our chilliest photo session yet."

19. "Does shivering count as exercise?"

20. "Snow days are the best days."

21. "Roommates don’t let roommates play in the snow alone."

22. "Snowflake kisses."

23. "Beautiful, but cold AF."

24. "Going back in to watch Netflix."

25. "It snowed, we played, we froze."

26. "Dear winter, I’m just using you to get to summer."

27. "Let it snow next year… I’m done now."

28. "Cue the snowflakes, please."

29. "Cold as Frosty."

30. "Well, this isn’t summer."

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