41 years since Margaret Thatcher’s purge of dissenters

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Tory chairman Lord Thorneycroft, Employment Secretary Jim Prior and Deputy Foreign Minister Sir Ian Gilmour had formed a group dubbed the ‘Wets’, which opposed the Prime Minister’s more extreme policies.

82 years ago (1940)

The RAF claimed victory in the Battle of Britain forcing German leader Adolf Hitler to put on hold his plans to invade the British Isles, which was codenamed Operation Sea Lion.

After suffering heavy losses, the German High Command realised the Luftwaffe could not achieve aerial superiority over the RAF, which was a precursor to the invasion.

22 years ago (2000)

The Summer Olympics began in Sydney, Australia with a record 199 nations taking part.

The only missing International Olympic Committee member was Afghanistan which was banned due to Taliban’s oppression of women and its prohibition of sports.

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