6 Homes In The Jeff Bezos $500 Million Real Estate Collection

Born in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jeff Bezos was born to a teenage mother who was about 17 years old. His father worked in a bike shop at that point. The nuptial bond or the family created out of it was not foolproof, and Jeff’s mother eventually divorced his biological father. When Jeff was still a small kid, she remarried a man named Michael Bezos, who gave Jeff his name and brought him up as his own.

The family eventually shifted to Texas, and there Jeff found the space he required for his personal growth. He used his parents’ garage as his science lab and also he was quite attached to the ranch that his grandparents owned. This meticulously expansive version of this ranch later became a part of Bezos’s impressive real estate collection.

Bezos has come a long way in building his billion-dollar empire, and his collection of luxury estates is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of his wealth.

6 The Beverly Hills Mansions

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Bezos purchased a massive unit in the famous Beverly Hills neighborhood comprising not one but two mansions. It cost him a wholesome $24.5 million. It came with about 11 beautiful baths and 13 exquisite master bedrooms.

Bezos also bought another property in the famous neighborhood recognized as the usual abode for celebrity stars. This one is on a pretty hilltop and came at a hefty price of about $90 million.

5 The Harry Warner Estate

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The luxury estate that is the most remarkable addition to Bezos’ real estate collection is the Warner estate. It is also the most expensive property ever sold in Los Angeles. It was built for the famous founder of the Warner brothers, Harry Warner. Over the years, it has passed from one renowned personality to another, and every time the property went through some renovation to suit the taste of its inhabitant. Jeff purchased it from the billionaire David Geffen for a jaw-dropping sum of $165 million.

The area encapsulates about 9 acres of land, which is almost equivalent to 7 soccer grounds. One of its main attractions is the main residence taking up about 19,000 square feet of area. It comes with elegant infinity pools, golf courses, French gardens, and all other luxury amenities one can dream of, including aristocratic guest houses, Jeff’s personal gas pumps for recharging his exclusive automobiles, tennis courts, bars, a movie theatre, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

4 Washington, D.C.

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Three years after becoming the owner of the Washington Post, Bezos decided to purchase the estate in Washington DC, which was previously a Textile Museum in the Kalorama neighborhood. This neighborhood is renowned for having housed celebrity personalities like Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner.

Jeff bought this property in 2016 for an impressive $23 million and spent another $12 million on it. This mansion has a quaint vibe to it as it was built back in 1914, and it covers about 27,000 square feet. It comes with ten bedrooms, eight bathrooms, six powder rooms, and eleven fireplaces.

3 West Texas Ranch

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The founder of Amazon is known to have purchased the biggest ranches in America, including a colossal land in Van Horn, Texas. This ranch property is spread out over 165,000 acres of land and is called the ‘Corn Ranch’.

Wealthy folks are famous for buying private properties such as islands and sometimes even ranches to use as getaways. Bezos uses his gigantic ranch land to help his kids stay in touch with the country life and learn some life skills. It can be said that he never really got over his attachment to his grandparents’ ranch property and thus inculcated the same values in his kids. This million-dollar property is also the home base for Blue Origin and is almost equivalent to New York’s size.

2 Properties In New York

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Jeff owns not one but three condos in New York City, and these are all located in a building that overlooks the famous and expensive Central Park. He bought the condominiums back in 1999 and paid a grand $7.65 million back then.

These condos are situated in a place that is called the ‘Billionaires’ Row’, and the nomenclature is quite self-explanatory. Jeff bought yet another estate in 2012 in the same Century building in the posh part of New York City by paying another $5.3 million, and the building came with a private doorman, child care centers, and private spas.

1 The Median, Washington Estates

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The real estate purchase that Jeff made in Median is special because it is also one of the first huge real estate purchases he ever made in his life. Median in Washington is known to be the chosen abode of several top tech billionaires worldwide, including Bill Gates and other tech billionaires, which explains his choice of location. Within a few years, he bought another neighboring property with about $50 million, which he renovated by spending an additional $28 million.

Another important reason for choosing this location was to be within a close radius of the Amazon headquarters. Bezos, however, chose the property in a manner that would not interfere with his privacy. His mansion is on a well guarded lakeside area which he had bought along with his ex-wife. It came with five master bedrooms and four baths in a building that could be termed a lake house as it was a 5.3-acre property right on the water with a vast surface area of 20,600 square feet.

The net worth of Jeff Bezos is estimated to be an impressive $213 billion still, and he has not even spent a pinch of it on buying himself the best houses, mansions, condos, penthouses, and ranches in some of the best locations in the world. Bezos is reportedly the 25th largest landowner in the world.

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