6 Ways Mark Cuban Spends $4.5 Billion

Mark Cuban has certainly done well for himself and seems to have dominated in a variety of different business ventures. He has the incredible ability to know precisely what to invest in, and that spans across the board, from stocks to businesses, and into the world of real estate as well. Mark hasn’t always been wealthy, though, and given the life he used to lead before striking it rich, he never imagined that he’d ever see a fortune as great as the one he has amassed. Mark Cuban’s current net worth sits at $4.4 billion, and he has proven that he is as great at earning money, as he is at spending it!

Forbes indicates that this hard-working, very calculated business man has made some sharp deals worth millions of dollars, and while there are some aspects of his life he remains frugal with, such as buying household toiletries in bulk, there are other areas in which he gladly spends exorbitant amounts of money, and he enjoys his life to the fullest.

6 Earned: Splurging On Stocks

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Mark Cuban has earned a lot of money by cashing in on stocks. By a lot of money we mean millions and millions of dollars that are usually paid out to him in one, massive lump sum. He has always been vocal about the fact that his stakes in Amazon and Netflix were his biggest investment holdings, but he refrained from diving in to the specifics of those financial details. In 2019, it was revealed that his stake in Amazon was a jaw-dropping $1 billion on it’s own, leaving fans guessing as to the value of his shares in Netflix, by comparison.

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5 Spent: A Luxurious Private Jet

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Mark Cuban has learned one incredibly valuable lesson that he shares with his fans. He went on record during an interview with Men’s Health, to teach fans about what’s really important in life, and that’s time spent with the ones you love. He was quoted as saying; “time is the one asset we simply don’t own,” and this was in fact his motivation for making one of his biggest purchases – a private jet.

Mark Cuban is the proud owner of a Gulfstream V business jet which set him back a whopping $40 million. Adding even more spark to the story is the fact that this jet was purchased online, and setting the bar high at the Guinness Book of Records as being the largest ever purchase made online.

Even with billions of dollars padding his bank accounts, this was still a massive purchase, but Mark easily justified this big spend by saying; “It saves me hours and hours.”

4 Earned: Streaming Broadcasts

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Before Cuban became the man we know and love today, he was the owner of an internet radio company called Audionet. This corporation soon became known as Broadcast.com and was responsible for the live streaming of special broadcasts, sporting events, political conventions, and other large scale, high profile, media-worthy gatherings that took place in large numbers.

In 1999, Yahoo bought the business from Cuban for $5.7 billion, of which 1 billion remained in Cuban’s pockets after selling his shares.

3 Spent: Massive Real Estate Purchases

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Since 1999 became such a big year for earnings, Mark Cuban decided to spread some of his money around by purchasing a 24,000-square-foot mansion in Dallas that set him back $17.6 million.  He still resides in that mansion today

This enormous luxury estate boasts 10 bedrooms, a massive tennis court, a luxurious swimming pool, 16 bathrooms, and a guest house that is far fancier than what most people regularly reside in. This not-so-humble abode sits on a 7 acre property with lots of space for entertaining and spending time relaxing in the lap of luxury.

Sometimes Mark Cuban and his family need a change of scenery though, so they’re known to head off to their $19 million vacation villa which is located in the very private area of Montage Residences community.

Truly a one-of-a-kind property, Business Insider reveals that this Laguna Beach property is a “modern, six-bedroom home has walls that disappear to open up to the outdoor space and a private pool.”  As a pure exhibition of his enormous wealth, Cuban designed the home so that the disappearing walls open up to provide a crystal clear view of the Pacific Ocean.

2 Earned: Invests In Businesses

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Many fans recognize Mark Cuban from his time on the TV show Shark Tank, which airs on NBC. The premise of this how is that a panel of wealthy investors listen to the business pitches of eager entrepreneurs, and are then able to vie for an opportunity to invest in them and launch them to success. 

During his time on the show, Cuban has sealed well over 100 deals, and has invested millions of dollars in a variety of different businesses which span across a number of genres and industries.

1 Spent: Bought A Sports Team

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There aren’t many people that can lay claims to owning an entire sports team, but Mark Cuban sure can! Cuban spent an astronomical amount of money to get to this level of ownership… $285 million, to be exact. That got him a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks. Forbes indicates that the team is now worth well over $2.3 billion, which means Cuban’s dream of owning a sports team wasn’t just a selfish indulgence, it happened to also become a huge investment.

Although Cuban himself claims he only purchased the team as a selfish indulgence, and no idea this would end up being a lucrative deal. He told CNBC; “it never crossed my mind as an investment. I did it because I love basketball. I am just a huge Mavericks fan. I have just been blessed and put in a position where I can contribute,” Mark explained.

Cuban apparently loves his team so much that he also made a huge purchase for them, to make their lives as easy as his is when it comes to saving time…. he bought the team a $36 million Boeing 757 to expedite their travel and ensure the ultimate in comfort between games.

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