9 of the Best Vibration Plates 2021 | The Sun UK

THEY'VE shaken up the fitness world in recent years and the best vibration plates will help you wobble your way to a toned body.

But how do they work? You simply stand on a vibration plate and it sends high-speed vibrations throughout your whole body, promising to stimulate your muscles at a higher rate than normal.

They can help with weight loss, and also work to strengthen and tone individual muscle groups – depending on how you use the plate, you can target different parts of your body.

While you can book into a fitness studio for a workout on a vibration plate – you'll even find some workout classes with a twist, like yoga on vibration plates – having this piece of kit at home can help you kick your health back into shape.

While naysayers argue that vibration plates don't do much of anything, some studies have found vibration plates do fatigue muscles quicker, causing them to work harder. Researchers even discovered they can help combat osteoporosis.

You only need to work out in 10-minute spells when using a vibration plate, so it's an easy piece of kit to fit into a busy schedule.

From budget buys to the original Power Plate trainer, we've rounded up a selection of the best vibration plates to buy online now.

Just note: these aren't recommended in pregnancy, or for those with cardiovascular conditions.

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