A Peek Inside Billionaire Shark Mark Cuban’s Private Jet Collection

Mark Cuban worked as a salesperson for a software company and established his first business within a few years. He co-founded the software reseller MicroSolutions and grew the company until it earned $30 million in annual revenue. After selling the company for a sizable profit, he worked with his business partners to launch Broadcast.com in 1995. The company grew up in its revenue and was the first to live-stream a show to audiences. Yahoo! acquired the company for $5.7 billion, and Cuban sold his stock for a whopping $2.5 billion. Mark Cuban has continued to invest in businesses, often featured on Shark Tank, wherein he stars as one of the Sharks. He is also the proud owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks since 2000.

Over the years, Mark Cuban has made extravagant purchases from his wealth that range from buying a lifetime pass for an airline to buying expensive real estate property. The billionaire businessman is also known for his hefty private jet purchases. Let’s take a look inside the luxurious private jet collection of Mark Cuban.

Gulfstream G550


After Yahoo! purchased Broadcast.com, Cuban had a lockup agreement wherein his shares were invested into the Yahoo! empire. Predicting the internet bubble burst, he decided to sell 100% of his shares from the business valued at $2.5 billion. Immediately after, Cuban purchased a Gulfstream G550 for $40 million. According to Motor Biscuit, it was noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest single transaction via e-commerce. Cuban has called it the smartest purchase of his life.

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The Gulfstream G550 first came into production in 2003, and the ultra-long business jet has a seating capacity of 19 passengers. It has an efficient cruising speed along with a range of 6,750 miles. Cuban’s business jet is divided into three cabin zones to offer seating and work comfort. The jet features cushioned seats and lounge beds. Private aviation also has in-flight entertainment, including television and LED screens to monitor the flight. Cuban has stated that one of the reasons why he purchased the private jet was to reduce his traveling hours.

The Mavericks Boeing 757


Soon after buying the Gulfstream G550, Mark Cuban made a sizable investment when he bought the Dallas Mavericks in 2000 for $285 million. He transports the NBA Team for their Away Games; Cuban bought the Boeing 757 and customized it to their taste. Cuban strategized the vision of the private jet and customized it for the players. This included ensuring that the team members over 7 feet of height could be comfortable, as noted by Simply Flying. Cuban also installed special meeting set-ups in the jet, a weight room, and space for medical treatments. The Mavericks jet also has connectivity and coaching resources.

Registered the under the name N801DM, the Boeing 757 flies for 600 miles each year as the players and team travel back and forth from Dallas to other teams in the West. Mark Cuban travels with the team during their season to stay on board. During the off-season, he charters the jet to people who require high-end seating for their travel. As mentioned by Aviation Partners, the Mavericks jet installed the Blended Winglet Technology to reduce long hauls and increase the range of travel in 2006. It can now fly non-stop for 9 hours.

Boeing 767-200


After the success of the renovation of Boeing 757 for the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban co-founded MLW Air in 2007. The company was formed to design luxury private jets to offer premier first-class services. One of MLW Air’s newest purchases is a Boeing 767-200 that went through refurbishment to cater to VIP clients, as stated by MLW Air. With the registration code N767MV, the Boeing aircraft was operated via Atlas Air and parked at a private airpark in Arizona. The company saw a considerable profit as they flew hundreds of charter flights in their custom-designed jet cabins. MLV Air has been a popular choice among personalities, from sports athletes to government dignitaries.

After the Boeing 767-200 spent time on the ground in Florida for a few months, the jet’s ownership has reportedly been shifted to Wyatt Aerospace. The company specializes in tearing down and buying aircraft. The jet body has not been as active in the air as Cuban’s other expensive private jets, as he uses them for personal travel and the Mavericks.

Mark Cuban has a staggering collection of private jets that rivals other billionaire businesspeople. With his growing businesses and investments, Cuban has continued to accumulate wealth to gain profitable returns. Due to the success of MLW Air, it won’t be a surprise to see Mark Cuban adding more private jets to his collection.

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