‘A sugar daddy paid me £1,500 a month just to text him – I love being spoiled’

Bailey Hunter, from Indiana, US, found herself pocketing a whole salary just by texting her sugar daddy.

The American beauty saw an extra £1,500 hitting her bank account after engaging with the older man.

And she has now taken to her TikTok to reveal what life was like between herself and the loaded bloke after speaking with him for three years.

At the start, Bailey was not searching for a sugar daddy – she met him whilst on her waitressing job at Buffalo Wild Wings.

After serving the man and a younger woman at the restaurant, she could clearly see that a sugar daddy type situation was going on between the pair.

She recounted the first time she met the man: "Right away I could tell it was like a sugar daddy situation. But I don't judge, like get your money girl. So, I'm just talking with them.

"But when he goes to leave, he leaves me a $100 tip on a $40 bill. And he leaves his business card."

Not managing to thank him for the huge tip before he left, Bailey thought to message the man on the number on his business card.

She stated: "And he was like 'No you're amazing, you deserved the tip. When do you work next? I want to come back in.'"

Thrilled at the possibility of getting tipped big again, Bailey urged the man to come in as “often as he likes".

After visiting the restaurant and being served by Bailey a number of times, the older man gave her a proposition.

He told Bailey that he was planning to buy a bar and was eager for her to be the bartender.

Being only 21-years-old then, Bailey was enthusiastic about serving for him and continued to speak to the man.

She said: "Whenever we would text, it would always be super casual, I would always just vent to him like I would vent to any of my friends."

Building up a relationship with the man, Bailey started to confide to him about her own struggles.

“I was complaining about owning a home and just things breaking, my dishwasher broke the same day and my washer broke and I had to buy both of those appliances", she said.

Bailey started to pick up extra shifts at her job to be able to cover the costs of the new household items.

But her money problems quickly vanished as the man sent her the money for the appliances – without her even asking.

And the flow of money did not stop at that single transaction.

She said: “For three years this went on and then one day he was like 'I really want to take you out on a date’."

After feeling comfortable with seeing him regularly at work, Bailey agreed to be whisked on a night out.

The waitress was treated to items from Victoria’s Secret, a bag from Michael Kors and some perfume.

She recalled: “This was my first time I’ve ever known what sugar baby dating is, I never had anything like this before. And living in Indiana it's not something I was used to seeing.

"Then he bought me VIP tickets to EDC Orlando, he got me tickets to a Cardi B concert.”

After moving away from Indiana, Bailey joined a sugar baby website to find a similar relationship to be “spoiled” again.

She admitted: "Because I got spoiled so much in that, I was like OK I want to do this again. So when I moved out of Indiana, I gave him to one of my friends.

"He started taking care of her, taking care of all her bills, taking her shopping."

Sadly, Bailey has found that most sugar daddies wanted more than just a text.

Reflected on the experience, she said: “It was good whilst it lasted.”

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