Aldi is selling a stand that lets you cook three pizzas at once and it’s perfect for parties – The Sun

YOU can cook three pizzas at once with Aldi's new three-tiered pizza tray stand, which is perfect for parties.

Pizza fans will know how tricky it can be juggling shelves in the oven and moving things around to get everything cooked at the same time.

And usually, you can just about squeeze two pizzas in the oven at a time – one on each shelf.

But Aldi's nifty new invention means you can remove the shelves from your oven and cook three pizzas at once.

And when the rack has cooled down it's great for serving up the slices too.

If you want a "pizza the action" you can pre-order the three-tiered pizza trays with stand online at Aldi for £9.99 – but it won't be dispatched until June 9.

Standard delivery is free on orders over £20 so if you're only buying the stand you do need to factor in £2.95 delivery.

It's unclear if the item will be available in store at Aldi too – we've asked the discount retailer and we'll update this story as soon as we hear back.

But it's the cheapest price we've seen with similar versions costing £5 more at £14.99 on Amazon and eBay.

Postage and packaging is a hefty £6.99 on eBay, although it's free for this item on Amazon.

Aldi says its trays have a non-stick coating and adds that each one is around 32cm wide by 0.4mm in height.

Go quick if you want to grab a slice though as the stand is an Aldi specialbuy, which means once it's gone it's gone.

If you'd rather cook your pizza in an outdoor oven, Aldi has one that attaches to BBQs for £39.

While Wilko has a proper outdoor pizza oven for £100.

Aldi is also selling bargain 69p frozen pizzas that shoppers are loving.

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