Alison Brie Drunkenly Wanted Dave Franco to Know: 'Arum-Aiding the Knifest'

"I'm just saying it's Doug-way to proo-penographer-croup at the race-drah"

Dave Franco and Alison Brie are feeling nostalgic about their early days of dating.

The couple, who have been married going on six years, shared a cute moment to Instagram from their courtship ahead of the trailer release for their new movie “Somebody I Used to Know.”

Brie shared the post which featured a slideshow of pictures from their relationship while audio from a drunken conversation from 2013 played over. The clip features the actress drunkenly attempting to tell Franco something…what that is exactly we may never know.

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Introducing the audio at the top of the video, Franco says he saved the moment on “my phone as ‘Alison drunk.'”

“I’m just saying it’s Doug-way to proo-penographer-croup at the race-drah,” Brie says in the archival clip.

“It’s droit and fift,” she attempts to clarify. “It’s arum-aiding the knifest cause he’s character of his droof…”

Franco then interrupts: “What are you talking about?”

“Him and somebody else,” Brie explains as the audio ends.

The trailer for “Somebody I Used to Know” drops tomorrow.

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