Alison Hammond shows off garden path transformation after nasty fall left her in hospital

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Alison Hammond has given a peek into her garden makeover after her 'slippy' path left her in hospital for 'seven hours' following a fall.

The This Morning presenter, 46, who shared footage of her horror fall last month, took to Instagram to reveal how she had totally transformed her garden path at her home in Birmingham as she wanted to prioritise her 'safety'.

Alison, who is mum to 15 year old son Aiden, shared footage of her garden during the renovation process, captioned: "So after my fall in my garden I decided to have a path makeover.

"Instead of being slippy when wet the path now has texture and is non slippy when when it rains – Result! I know I’m extra but safety always comes first!!"

Taking a look at the garden, we can see that Alison has a gorgeous grey pergola with a patio dining area, along with a shed and potted palm trees.

Meanwhile the TV star also has trellises filled with colourful flowers growing up her grey fence along with manicured lawn areas between the path.

Alison revealed to her 937,000 Instagram followers how the old 'slippy' path had been ripped up, before panning to the transformed garden with sleek stones to create a gorgeous walkway around her garden.

It comes after Alison shared CCTV footage that showed her walking through the garden and enjoying the rain after a mini heatwave hit Britain in July.

But the turn in the weather called for danger at Alison's home as the climate saw her patio tiles becoming very slippery.

Speaking to viewers and co-host Dermot O'Leary last month, she said: "Last Friday I finished the show with Dermot, had a lovely show, went home and chilled out underneath my little pergola.

"Then the rain came down and my brother said, 'Alison, come in now, it's raining,' I was like 'no', I started walking out, I had the rain on my face, my arms were out, and then something terrible happened."

Footage then appeared on screen of Alison walking across her lawn before she fell to the ground.

As she hit the wet tiles, a pink heart appeared over her body, with the former Big Brother star explaining: "The reason why there's a little heart there is because when I go home, I like to chill out, I like to take all my underwear off. So the pink heart's there to just cover my modesty."

She continued: "As you can see, it was actually quite a bad fall. You've got to imagine, it's raining full on, I can't get up because I think I've broken my leg.

"My brother comes out, he's trying to lift me up, his bottom's showing all over the CCTV, he can't lift me up because obviously I'm quite big, so in the end I used the bad leg and just trotted inside."

She then asked the gallery to show viewers a photo of the damage caused to her leg, but it was decided the image was "deemed too much pre-watershed."

Showing off the large plaster on her knee, Alison said: "I'm all stitched up, Mark has patched me up today so, yeah it was a trauma.

"But not only that, then this vein came on the back of my knee and I was like, oh my God, I've got a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) so I went to the doctors and he said: 'You've really got to go to the hospital', so then I'm in hospital for like seven hours."

The Brummie star added: "Julia patched me up, she was absolutely lovely, she was one of the nurses as she said I had to mention her on the telly so I did.

"Anyway, they patched me up, did my blood test, no DVT, it was just a vein on the back of my leg. I'm just getting old."

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