All Of Johnny Depp’s Girlfriends, Ranked By Net Worth

Johnny Depp has been a leading man in Hollywood for over three decades, and the actor has been in several popular long-term romances and two marriages throughout his career.

Johnny Depp wanted to pursue music from a young age and even dropped out of high school to focus on his rock band. But after they split, Nicolas Cage suggested he focus on a career in acting. With a breakthrough in the 1984 film A Nightmare On Elm Street, Depp landed a leading role in the series 21 Jump Street, making him a household name. His first commercial and critically successful role occurred in 1990 with Edward Scissorhands, his first collaboration with Tim Burton. As he became the leading man in Hollywood, starring in hits such as the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and Rango, he has earned seven-figure salaries for the roles.

Along with his roles, Depp has also been under scrutiny for his relationships, from his first high-profile romance with Winona Ryder to his public defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Let’s look at all of Johnny Depp’s girlfriends and their net worth.

9 Sherilyn Fenn ($500,000)


After Johnny Depp’s first divorce, he worked on Dummies, a short film, where he met actress Sherilyn Fenn in 1985. According to Page Six, they dated until 1988, and Fenn made a guest appearance in one of the episodes of 21 Jump Street. Sherilyn Fenn first gained prominence for starring in David Lynch’s television series Twin Peaks and worked on several movie projects.

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8 Lori Anne Allison ($1 million)


Lori Anne Allison wanted to pursue a career in the music industry, but her path changed when she became partially deaf. She has become a successful makeup artist through notable friends in the industry. Her connections helped Depp kickstart his career in acting. Depp first met Allison via his brother, who was a part of the Kids With Depp band. The couple married in 1983 when Depp was 20 but split two years later.

7 Joelle Rich ($1.7 million)


Johnny Depp’s latest relationship, news about his romance with Joelle Rich, became public knowledge in September 2022, but within two months, it was announced that they had split. Rich was one of the lawyers who represented Depp during the UK defamation trial against The Sun. She also attended the US trial to show him support in May 2022.

6 Amber Heard ($3 million)


While Amber Heard worked on small projects during the start of her career, her work in the 2008 action/comedy Pineapple Express made her a potential leading actress. Her most notable role was as Meera in Aquaman. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the couple began dating, as noted by Insider. They got married in 2015, and a year later, Heard filed for divorce after accusing the actor of domestic violence. Their defamation trial occurred in 2022, wherein Heard was found guilty on three counts.

5 Jennifer Grey ($10 million)


Johnny Depp dated actress Jennifer Grey from 1989 for only nine months before the couple broke up. Grey revealed in her memoir that Depp proposed to her after two weeks of dating. Due to Depp’s jealousy and anger issues, they parted ways. Grey has appeared in over 40 projects in movies and on Broadway, with her most notable role as Baby in Dirty Dancing.

4 Winona Ryder ($18 million)

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Winona Ryder was a reigning actress of the 1990s as she starred in back-to-back hits that made her a young icon. Her notable projects include Beetlejuice, Dracula, Heathers, and Little Women. She made Johnny Depp when they worked on Tim Burton’s classic Edward Scissorhands and began dating in 1990. Depp even got her name tattooed on her bicep before they parted ways in 1993.

3 Kate Moss ($70 million)


George Wayne, a former Vanity Fair writer, introduced Kate Moss and Johnny at NYC’s Café Tabac in 1994, where it was love at first sight for Kate Moss. As mentioned by People, due to their scheduling conflicts, the couple split in 1997 despite engagement rumors. While they dated, Moss was one of the most popular models in the world as she worked with notable brands, including Calvin Klein, and graced the magazine covers of Vogue.

2 Ellen Barkin ($80 million)


Her ‘tough-cookie’ roles made Ellen Barkin a household name in America while earning success in critical-acclaimed films like Diner and Sea Of Love. The actress set herself apart from the typecast Hollywood actresses, earning recognition. A year after his split from Winona Ryder, Depp began dating Barkin after meeting on the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but never made things official.

1 Vanessa Paradis ($100 million)


Vanessa Paradis was Johnny Depp’s longest relationship as the couple dated for 14 years. The couple met while Depp was filming The Ninth Gate in Paris and immediately hit it off. After they began their romance in 1998, they welcomed their daughter Lily-Rose in 1999 and their son Jack in 2002, as stated by Parade. Paradis is a French singer and model who had moderate success in her career and received $150 million in an amicable settlement after her split from Depp.

Since his controversial relationship with ex-wife Amber Heard ended in 2016, Johnny Depp had sworn off romance until his defamation trial ended in 2022. The actor has tried to make time for his family and friends over the last few years and also plans to make a comeback in music and movies again.


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