Alright, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Fab Five’s Boyfriends and Husbands

Queer Eye continues to be a very bright spot for people who need a little comfort, love, and joy amid *gestures wildly* all this. And TBH, the show owes it all to Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Karamo Brown (aka the Fab Five), who work their asses off to make sure people look/feel their best and embrace self-love.

And speaking of love, you’re probably wondering if the cast has found romance for themselves off camera. So here’s the general scoop: Karamo is embracing the single life, Antoni has an EXTREMELY hot boyfriend, and Tan, Bobby, and JVN are making married life look damn f-i-n-e. Let’s dive into the deets.

Tan France

After meeting on a dating site in 2008, Tan and Rob France are happily married and live together in the great state of Utah (but obviously, they spend a ton of time chilling in L.A. and NYC due to Tan’s busy celebrity schedule). Much like Tan, Rob is a silver fox, but unlike British Tan, Rob grew up in Wyoming, where he was raised Mormon. The most fascinating thing about Rob, however, is that he’s a brilliant illustrator:

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And he’s also a registered nurse! In a 2015 interview with City Weekly, Rob said, “I’m currently a full-time pediatric nurse, which I absolutely love, and I do artwork on the side. I’m passionate about women’s fashion, oddly, and horror/sci-fi films. I married a European, which is the best thing that ever happened to me, and although the world still intimidates the small-town kid in me, I try to get out and travel often.” Aw.

A post shared by T A N . F R A N C E (@tanfrance)

A post shared by T A N . F R A N C E (@tanfrance)

Tan and Rob’s love story is super cute, but their engagement was actually quite low-key. “You know, there wasn’t an actual proposal,” Tan revealed on Queer Eye. “It was a case of, ‘We’re going to get married one day, right?’ ‘Yeah, of course we are.’ We just had agreed it was going to happen one day and then we arranged the date.” Omg, guys, stop. You’re killing me.

Can’t wait for these two to start having babies because apparently Tan wants a lot of ’em! “I truly do want six. I will settle for minimum four. And no, six is not loads. It’s just enough,” he told the Press Association.

Bobby Berk

Bobby and his husband Dewey Do have been together forever, and they’re still so in love. Not much is known about Dewey (he’s private on Instagram), so here are some fast facts for ya: He and Bobby have been married for over seven years, they live in Los Angeles, and Dewey’s a maxillofacial surgeon.

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A post shared by Bobby Berk (@bobby)

And just look at this precious throwback picture of them!!!

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Also important: They appear to share a very cute dog.

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Antoni Porowski

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Remember October 2019? Me neither, but it’s when Antoni started dating New York-based strategic planner Kevin Harrington. And casual: Their first public picture together was taken at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party in New York City.

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Also casual: Antoni brought Kev to Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday party, where they snapped a photo with her and Gigi Hadid.

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Anyway, these two the CUTEST:

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Karamo Brown

Karamo and his ex-fiancé Ian Jordan split in early 2020, and he opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about the breakup (don’t worry, they’re still friends!).

Karamo told Entertainment Tonight back in November that he was “smitten” by someone he met on Twitter, but confirmed it didn’t work out a month later. “We’re no longer talking,” he told Us Weekly. “Dating in COVID is a mess, and so that is done altogether. I’m just back to fully being single.”

“I’m a hopeless romantic, and so for me, I’m always about like, how can I find someone who I can spend my moments and my time with?” he added. “You have to just find people who are like-minded [and] on the same page.” Truer words!

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan (or JVN, as he’s affectionately known) is a newlywed! He announced the news on Instagram in December 2020, saying he married his “best friend,” Mark Peacock.

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I mean….

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The love is just next level:

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Seems like as sweet a note as ever to end on, so 😍.

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