American attempts to make cheese and onion sandwich – but is trolled by Brits

Cheese is quintessentially British.

Nothing beats a bit of cheddar or a slice of wensleydale – and us Brits are often proud of our produce.

Whether pairing the dairy goodness with crackers or putting it in a sandwich, cheese is often a go-to upon this land.

Acknowledging the importance of cheese, a bloke challenged his American wife to make a very British cheese and onion sandwich.

But after posting her attempt on Reddit – she has been monumentally trolled.

The husband explained: “I’m British and married to an American. Last night I told her about cheese and onion sandwiches and she said they sounded pretty good.

“Despite sending her a recipe showing her how to do it properly, I got this photo this morning. I’m sorry, compatriots.”

Although it appears the American has tried her best to construct the holy grail of sandwiches – she has failed quite substantially.

Instead of the classic cheese, onion and mayo combo, the American wife has interpreted the sandwich a little differently than usual.

On a single slice, the American spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on brown bread.

She then opted to make a bed of raw onion slices.

But, the worst is yet to come.

The wife stuck a slab of American cheese on top which has been likened to a piece of ‘plastic’.

Instead of mixing the ingredients together, the wife has layered the food on top of each other.

The Redditor revealed: “You don’t realise how lucky you are to live in a nation with a rich history of cheese until you move to the US and get s*** like this”

Appalled at the attempt, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the American’s version of the classic sarnie.

One person chuckled: “Not sure why she's put fuzzy felt on it.”

Another user joked: “CGI cheese.”

A third person fretted: “What is the orange thing on top? Looks like a swimming pool float.”

Someone else suggested: “This man needs a go fund me page to airlift him some proper food. Seriously, send him a care package for the love of gods!”

As a fifth person questioned: “Is that “cheese” recyclable?”

Let us know in the comments what you think about the American take on a cheese and onion sandwich!

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